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Contrary to what you see here, Jeff doesn’t always get a seat on my desk. Only when it’s time to do a quick photo shoot, and it’s also so you’ll concentrate on him rather than my clutter. Shhhh! If you want to see more of them though – head over to my Instagram!

I realize that sometimes I don’t talk enough about my own experiences on this here blog – but honestly, it’s hard to talk about stuff that happened to me when I’m the one starting the conversation (true fact: I love asking people questions and I love it even more when they do more of the talking). So when I was given the opportunity to talk a bit more about myself to real people, I thought “why not?” Aside from the fact that it makes me look a lot less crazy (at least that’s what I think when I talk about myself too much here on the internet), it also gives me a chance to be on the other side of the table for a change!

And so this week, I wanted to share 3 interviews that featured little ol’ me and Pikaland:

>> Talkshop with Pikaland at the New Forward

I sat down with Keat Leong and Aizyl – 2 very fun, young, passionate guys who are going all out in the Malaysian scene and talking to creators old and new about entrepreneurship.

[quote] I work for free sometimes. I do work for charities, designing logos and t-shirts, just to help out. I make money from somewhere else. But some artists are so hard up on the money. When people aren’t using your work, your work doesn’t get out there. It’s just sitting there. When you think about the cost of it, it’s giving your work for free and gaining publicity, versus letting your work just sit there and still not make money out of it. I know that people say publicity doesn’t put food on the table but neither does keeping your work at home. Click here to read more! [/quote]


>> Happy Happy Art Collective

The amazing Lauren Minco of Happy Happy Art Collective asked if I would like to talk more about Pikaland and the work I do at Work/Art/Play, and I was thrilled to do it!

[quote] Being an illustrator is no longer about just holding a brush and waiting for people to push ideas for you to execute. It’s time for you to execute your ideas! Click here to read more! [/quote]


>> Enormous Tiny Art: Guest Curator

Deb, the founder of one my favorite original art sites asked me if I’d like to be a guest curator and pick out 12 pieces from their amazing roster of artists and I jumped at the opportunity! She asked a few great questions too to go along with my selection and I thought you might enjoy it as much as I did picking out art and answering her fun Q’s!

[quote] I left my stable job not because I was convinced that I could earn a better living at showing up on Pikaland full time, but it was just something that made me excited to wake up to everyday. Click here to read more! [/quote]


Ok, I think that’s enough of me for the week! If you haven’t entered our fun book giveaway, I suggest you hop over there right now and do it (it ends this Thursday!) And what if you’ve already have? Well I think it will do you a lot of good if you checked out our interview with Frane Lessac (which will help loads in flushing me out of your brain!)

Review: Low Tech Print & Walk the Line [GIVEAWAY!]

Low Tech Print

Low Tech Print

Low Tech Print

Low Tech Print


By Caspar Williamson / Softcover / 224 pages

There is always something intangible that jumps right out at you when you’re looking at something that’s printed by hand – and I’m not talking about the results of moving one’s cursor across the screen through the mouse. No. I’m talking about those that need an apron to keep the stains away, where paint gets deep under your fingernail and where the term “registration” isn’t about signing up for something online.

Low Tech Printscours the studios, artists and designers who are currently making contemporary hand-made printing hip again. The book captures the subtleties offered by printmaking in its full glory through generous spreads that contain not just the finished products, but also the process that goes behind them.

Divided into four different sections: screenprinting, letterpress, relief printing and other printing methods, the book is a visual feast of hand printed goodness of the best kind. Not only does it introduce you to lots of inspiring work done by current top designers and studios – it invites you to join in, first through its history and then a simplified guide to each printing process. Available on Amazon.

Walk the Line

Walk the Line


Ana Ibarra & Marc Valli / Hardcover / 320 pages

To tell you the truth, I’ve always been a little skeptical of the pencil. I think it has something to do with looking at a large amount of student work who uses the medium as a starting point, but never quite venturing very far with it. Heck, I’m guilty of that myself! But a flip through Walk the Line has changed my mind – and my perception – of what a pencil and an artist that wields it can do.

The book is an interesting mix and match of styles and techniques – whether it’s exploration of skills through pencil or charcoal, or how some of the artists have managed to turn other mediums (like watercolor and even chalk) to resemble works made by another medium; it’s an interesting browse into the subject of drawing. What I loved too was the brief but insightful interviews with each individual artists that sheds a light onto their processes and technique.

The subject of realism is touched upon here too – as a lot of drawing tends to stem towards capturing the essence of “real” things. While I’m not a fan of realism, the drawings that did capture my attention were the ones that detailed out imaginary landscapes and creatures, of objects and stories – things that could have just stayed in an artist’s imagination – but instead were brought to life via drawings. It’s a great book for artists who’s obsessed about pencil! Available via Amazon.


Here comes the best part! Laurence King Publishing is giving away a copy each of the books above to two lucky Pikaland readers! All you have to do is to leave a comment on which book you’d like and why. Easy peasy! The giveaway is open from now till next week (3rd of April) to anyone, anywhere; so hop on over to the comments to join in!

Winners will be announced on this post and also be contacted via email.

** The giveaway winners are: Kristin for Low Tech Print & Alessandra for Walk the Line – I’ll be in touch via email! Thanks so much for entering the giveaway folks!**

Both winners were generated via – I deleted multiple submissions and then organized the commenters by the time they submitted their entry!


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