I’m back

Hello everyone, sorry I was absent these two days. This happened and I couldn’t eat or sleep. But good news is, we just found her and everything is alright.

I’m the happiest girl in the world right now.

I’ll be back tomorrow, and thank you for all your emails — I’ll be replying you soon. 🙂

Argyle Academy

Mike Lowery is a DC area artist who teaches art and design. His Argyle Academy comics are quietly hilarious and details the antics of Alexander, Matthew, Stockholm and Lionel the vampire cat; along with a few fruits.

A page from his journal

Places of interest in a small and haunted New England Town

His work is fresh and funny — I love the dialogs between his characters and his expressive linework; and his illustrations documented in his blog.

Oh, and he sells his originals drawings and tees in his shop too!

Original drawings & tees from Argyle Academy

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