Patrick Gildersleeves

Peeky in the tent hole

Patrick Gildersleeves is a UK illustrator who just recently started selling in Etsy — although it’s just one, his limited edition print, Peeky in the tent hole is now for sale.

Gary; Oh Yuk Fun; Colin

I love his blog that’s full of wacky drawings, and it’s where he lets people take a peek into his sketchbook. The best bit? He likes to draw from a limited palette of colors and it’s great to see how he brings his work to life.

Shibuya Cabinyo part I: The Triumphant Arrival

A personal favourite has got to be his triptych entitled Shibuya Cabinyo for the Dangerfunboys Expo in Bristol recently. This here is the first in the series, so be sure to head on over to his blog to see the rest.

Birdy — pt. 2

I realized that all my recent links had some sort of bird print in them — unintentional of course… and so do my banner! But to cap it off, here’s part deux of lovely birdy finds around Etsy that I would want in my home.

Cabin’s woodburned coin bank – bird and egg

Left to right:
LowmanJLL’s Chit Chat Birds Canvas Tote
Deadbird’s Petit Wall Hanging

Left to right:
Birdversusbird’s Towhee Coin Purse-Made of Salvaged Banner
Artgoodies’ block print wood thrush stuffie

Left to right:
Berkeleyillustration’s Cardinal print
Gennine’s Don Matias owl print

Pleasebestill’s Birdcage – Painted Ladies Series Print

Carpe Diem!

The winning mini quilt

Kajsa Wikman is a full time mother who has made the transition to being a full time crafter, who makes lovely mini quilts. Her recent entry at Sew Mama Sew won her the Valentine’s Day Quilt of the day, and is entitled Carpe Diem. The cage and the writing was done freehand on machine and the white fabric is from an old linen tablecloth.

Her Umbrella 5 mini art quilt

I love the stuff she has in her Etsy store too, so many lovely handmade, illustration-infused quilts and toys.