kate kosek

Ack! I HEART the work of Kate Kosek, a recent painting grad from SUNY New Paltz (State University of New York). Now, I know she’s a painter, but I really hope this girl goes into textile design. I want to wear her artwork right now. Like right now. I’m selfish. I want to snuggle under it. I want to put things in it and carry it around. I want to wash my face with it. I want to wrap it around my neck. Well, you get the idea.

So, does anyone know someone who knows somebody in the field that would forward her site for me?

Ok, thanks.

casey weldon

I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that the artist Casey Weldon, who is behind these paintings is a dude. Why? It wasn’t just the ambiguity of his name. I feel and I understand the emotions of what his female subjects are going through because at some point in my life, I’ve felt that way too. I ignorantly assumed that only a female would understand and be able to put those emotions into a tangible painting.

I was soooo wrong. I believe I’m right however when I say Casey is an amazing artist and painter. Support him please.

angela fox

I know, this is a huge post of artwork from Texas based artist Angela Fox. It’s so large because I wanted to show her two extreme artwork styles. Also, I believe she’s making important artwork.

What is interesting is both of Angela’s styles have underlying themes of tribe, community, and primal instincts but where her collage work seems to be grounded in traditional ideals of women, fashion and beauty, her paintings offer a different take on females, and the words I might be searching for here are aggressive indulgence.

Interesting. Very interesting.

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