katie scott

Katie Scott’s artworks are like intricate observations and studies of a world that we kind of know, but ourselves aren’t really a part of and that’s really what an artist and illustrator is, right? We are observers who document worlds, people, characters, and moments that would normally go unseen.

Supakitch + koralie + posca

Supakitch + Koralie are back (previously posted here) with a new video made for the marker brand Posca. This time around they discuss about their individual creative process’ which again, is inspiring and amazing.

I’m partial to Koralie’s process which combines various materials and techniques (pen, ink, paint, digital, collage) in order to get one harmonious product. It’s a nice metaphor for living. They have me convinced art is a lifestyle worth pursuing.

kate kosek

Ack! I HEART the work of Kate Kosek, a recent painting grad from SUNY New Paltz (State University of New York). Now, I know she’s a painter, but I really hope this girl goes into textile design. I want to wear her artwork right now. Like right now. I’m selfish. I want to snuggle under it. I want to put things in it and carry it around. I want to wash my face with it. I want to wrap it around my neck. Well, you get the idea.

So, does anyone know someone who knows somebody in the field that would forward her site for me?

Ok, thanks.