Lorena Marañón

Lorena Marañón

Lorena MarañónLorena Marañón

Looking at these work in progress pictures from Lorena Marañón made me regret not buying one of her pieces earlier (I wrote about her here; but she’s shut down her Etsy shop!) She’s an embroidery artist based in the US, and from what I’ve been eyeing over at her Flickr stream, I’m excited to see her what’s to come – and if shutting down her online store means that she can focus on creating new designs, well, so be it.

Happy Monday folks!


  1. Jutta says:

    Such happy colors!
    Do you know the works of Diela Maharani? She’s got some really wonderful colors and patterns I thought you might like. You can find her here http://www.dielamaharanie.com/

  2. Emma says:

    Oh my goodness oh my goodness! These are so gorgeous! I love them all, but especially whatever is happening in the second photo!

  3. [...] Dit kleurrijke boruursel van Lorena Maranon doet het serieus kriebelen om zelf nog eens naald en draad boven te halen // [...]

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