Happy Chinese New Year!

Hyesu Lee

Happy Chinese New Year folks!

Most Chinese folks (yours truly not included) believe that the year of the Dragon is one of the most auspicious years of the lunar calendar, but I have to say that with all the hoopla surrounding it, I couldn’t wait for it to end. And so it did last Sunday as we rang in the new year in the lunar calendar – the year of the snake.

I’ve heard stories (unfounded of course, but no less entertaining) of how snakes were actually dragons without legs, and that thrifty people are just going to cut off the legs of their dragon decorations to make do for this year. I’ve yet to see some, but it sure is a heck of an idea!

On that very random note, here’s wishing everyone a healthy and joyful year ahead, filled with adventure for all your endeavors! There’s no better time than now to make full use of that passion of yours and go make a dent in the universe.

{ Illustration by: Hyesu Lee }

6 thoughts on “Happy Chinese New Year!

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  2. Happy new year! We have friends that has been celebrating chinese new year in KL and had such a good time. All the best for the new year and keep up the good work on pikaland- it is such an inspiration. All the best from norway:)

  3. Hi there Amy…

    I can understand why the festival becomes exhausting, I feel the same way about Christmas. Having said that, my little girl made an amazing paper dragon, that had a middle that was concertinaed like a fan, she did it all by herself, I was very proud.

    She was dissapointed however, to discover she was born in the year of the Rooster, and was very jealous that I was born in the year of the Tiger. :O

    So anyway, happy new year Amy, here’s to the continued success of Pikaland.


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