Good to Know zine #10: Fear

Good to Know issue #10

Good to Know issue #10

For those who are new to the blog, the Good to Know zines are a series of zines that’s filled with advice and inspiration from artists and illustrators on business, art and life.

Last year, I stopped at zine #9 while #10 was in the works and put it on a bit of a hiatus, but I’m excited to let you know that it’s now out and about! Issue #10 is now available for sale as a physical zine, or as a PDF download and it’s already making its way to our contributors across the globe (United States! UK! Australia! Italy!)

The Good to Know zine #10 deals with fear – specifically fears that plague you as an artist, and how it affects your art-making!

To celebrate its comeback, all zines in the shop are marked at 20% off with the coupon code GTK10 – applicable for only 3 days just for Pikaland readers!
Click here to go to the shop!

Also, come join our next issue: Issue #11 that talks about artists holding down more than one job – it’s an extension of our blog post: Why it’s healthy for artists and illustrators to get a job, and I’d love to hear your thoughts – so share with us:

What jobs have you taken on to supplement your income? And how has it affected your art-making?

Send me your comments and thoughts through our contact form or via email at amy [AT] – I can’t wait to hear your views!

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