Desktop wallpaper series: Yael Frankel

Yael Frankel: Desktop wallpaper 2012

Everytime I put up another desktop wallpaper, I am reminded of how fast time flies!

This month, our artist for Pikaland’s monthly desktop wallpaper project is Yael Frankel. Her child-like drawings has graced many blogs and Etsy front pages, and she has grown from strength to strength as the years roll by!

You can see more of her work at her website, on her Flickr page, her Etsy shop and also her Envelop shop.

Other sizes:

For the iPad: 1024 × 1024


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Laurie Anderson’s commencement speech 2012

“You have to actually make something to find out what it is you’re making.”
~ Laurie Anderson

I love this commencement speech by Laurie Anderson for the graduating class of 2012 at School of Visual Arts in New York City. Such enthusiasm, clarity and nonchalance – what an inspiration.

She also has an exhibition that is running from now through to June 23rd at 126 Leroy St in New York, entitled Boat. For more information, see here.

Video discovered via Boing Boing

Giant Sparrows

Giant Sparrows

I was looking to customize my iPhone cover but was frustrated when a popular online print-and-ship place refused to add my country to its shipping list. It turns out that they don’t send to where I am (nor are they planning to anytime soon), to which I am doubly annoyed – international shipping should be a basic requirement if you’re aiming to go global.

So, imagine my joy when Giant Sparrows rolled up. And if you’ve been having the same frustrations that I’m having, then you’re in luck. The UK-based company ships everywhere, and they’ve made customizing your own case a breeze. They are selling a few cases from artists already, but of course if you’re not into looking at other people’s work and instead would like to put up your own, then you’ve got it made.

If you want to try them out, they’re lopping off 20% from your order if you enter the code PIKALAND2012 during checkout. (It’s only for 100 of you, so hurry!)

p/s— They also have cases for Blackberry phones and Samsung phones; not just iPhones! You can see if your phone is covered right here.

Artist’s covers above from left: Katsushika Hokusai, Mia Christopher, Gustav Klimt