Keith Haring: 1978–1982

I had the opportunity to visit the exhibition of the early years of Keith Haring, one of the best-known American artists of the twentieth century at the Brooklyn Museum last week.

There you can visit the period where he moved to NY and started his studio practice. It’s amazing to see how crazy, young and full of energy he was.

He quickly became famous on the art scene and befriend very important people like Jean-Michel Basquiat and Kenny Scharf, which became crucial for his art development.

My favorite part is that he wasn’t only an artist doing his own art. He was curating exhibitions and acting as a facilitator for other artists as well. There’s a whole wall covered with posters that he was making himself to promote these exhibitions – they’re all a piece of art too!

You can visit the exhibition until July 8th.


Deborah is known in Brazil as Tartaruga Feliz (Happy Turtle). She’s a self-taught illustrator and animator who is born in Brazil. She travels the world while working, and attributes it to the best experience she has had in her life so far. You can see more of her work on her website, and she just launched a new website, Garatujas Fantásticas with 3 of her friends that has exclusive content for kids in Brazil!

Sponsor giveaway: The Curious Pancake

The Curious Pancake gift certificate

I’m so thrilled to announce this week’s sponsor giveaway from The Curious Pancake! I got to know Claire better through the Pikaland Artist Bootcamp and to see her opening her shop that’s filled with lovely gifts and oddities has been amazing, to say the least!

From stylish organizers to cuddly plushes, The Curious Pancake is a fun stop online, and it’s also where you can get lots of illustrated goodies from folks like Gemma Correll and Egg Press!

Claire is giving away a gift certificate that will enable you to cobble up all your favorite items from her shop to the tune of USD$40!

ONE lucky person will get to go wild at The Curious Pancake, and all you need to do is to head on over and share with us what it is you’re going to splurge on. Go on – you know you want to!

The lucky winner will be announced after 24th April, by way of our all-time favorite Everyone from anywhere can enter, no matter if you’re from the UK, USA or Philippines!

The Curious Pancake

The giveaway has ended and the winner has been picked by – congratulations Carina (comment #52)! 🙂 Thanks everyone for joining in!

The case of elusive sleep

Yellow Button Studio

It’s amazing how we take certain things for granted. For me, it was sleep, or the lack thereof.

For the whole of last week, I was absolutely miserable. I thought I had already began to recover from a bad bout of flu that had sprung up on me a few weeks ago, only to be replaced by a horrendous cough that woke me up every 10 minutes of shutting my eyes. And this is no dry cough either – it’s a VERY productive cough that made the back of my throat spew out sputum like it was going out of fashion.

Within five days of getting a mere 3 hours of sleep everyday, I was bushwhacked. The coughing fits also gave my abs a good workout and the lack of sleep made me lose a good few pounds (although those won’t quite be missed!) In between my irritating throat infection, I was going through an impossible patch with my laptop – I’ve sent it off to the workshop for repairs a total of three times because of an unresolved issue that has turned my schedule and work upside down.

So I became a zombie for a week, and an ill-equipped one at that. Work was horrifically slow, so my sketchbook was a constant companion (because that’s the only thing I could count on that won’t break down, how ironic.) I’m thankful that DropBox made the transitions a little easier, but I was essentially a nomad for more than a month – and I’m still one.

After going through a bit of a rough patch for the past few weeks, you can imagine my joy at having being able to sleep for a couple of hours at a stretch a few nights ago. Sure, I did wake up a few times, but at least I could shut my eyes off for more than 15 minutes at a stretch. Soon after, every night’s sleep inched a little closer to normal, with the occasional hacking and near-choking episodes that woke me up tapering off (much to my delight!). And just two days ago, I began to sleep soundly through the night.

You can’t imagine my joy of being able to sleep uninterrupted. So much so that the first thought upon opening my eyes were “HURRAH!”, followed by bouts of goofy smiles all day – ecstatic at the knowledge that I won’t be waffling around in a haze. I’m strutting around as though I’m wearing a superhero cape that imbued me with clarity of mind. It’s amazing how we take normal things – like sleep – for granted.

Next up: getting my laptop back, or at least exchange it for a new one because this nuisance has gone on for long enough. Good thing I’ve got my superhero cape, so bring it on.

What’s eluding you lately?

Have a great Monday ahead folks, and here’s to small steps!

Let Her Sleep print by Yellow Button Studio.