Links for the weekend

Joana Rosa Braganca

Joana Rosa Braganca has a new shop and it’s filled with lovely things!

So proud of Bubi’s Kickstarter project – Beary Calm!

Frank Chimero’s the Shape of Design is ready for pre-order! In his words: The Shape of Design is a treatise on the practice that frames it as a way to engage with one another and the world. It is the book I wish I had when I was a student to teach me to ask Why and discover the objectives of the work. It’s the one I wish I had yesterday to help me remember my responsibility to the craft. Most importantly, it’s the book I’ll want tomorrow to remind me of the potential of what I do.

Pia Bramley (previously) has a new Tumblr blog filled with current and past work – all lovely stuff!

T-shirt lovers rejoice! You can now try out T-Post for free! (It’s a t-shirt subscription service!)

Have a great weekend folks!

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  1. Joanna Swan says:

    Ah, how lovely!
    I’m always awestruck at Etsy shops that so quickly amass dozens of admirers. How does this magic happen?
    Joanna @…

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