A Switch-Aroo with The Jealous Curator

Hello there – It’s Danielle from The Jealous Curator! Amy and I decided to do a little blog switch-aroo today, so I get to be over here writing about my favorite illustrators, and she’s on my site writing about her favorite fine artists … fun!

So, a little background for you. The first time Amy and I “met” (ok, we’ve never actually met in person) it was because I had sent her an illustrator’s work that I thought she might like. Of course, she had already written about them. At that moment I made it my goal to find some amazing illustrators that she had never heard of… and an online friendship was born! I have actually found a few over the years (although it’s rare!), so of course, for this little blog switch-aroo of ours, I set out to find three illustrators that have never been featured on Pikaland… and I think I might have done it!? Let me introduce you to Daniel, Denise, and Daniel:

Daniel Egnéus

The first Daniel in this post is Swedish-born, Milan-based artist/illustrator Daniel Egnéus – sigh, so lovely… and I never thought I’d say that about a lady with a shark on her head. These illustrations are all from a series titled “Mad Hatters”, which is perfect, since I am in fact mad about them! These are just the tip of the illustrative iceberg though – you have to go and check out his portfolio! It is full of amazing things. Now, speaking of lovely ladies with animals on their heads, let me introduce you to Denise:

Denise Nestor

I have been jealous (in a good way, of course!) of Dublin-based designer/illustrator Denise Nestor for ages. Her work is simple, delicate, and chock full of amazing artistic talent… with just the perfect amount of bunny, yes? I love the detail she puts into the faces, and the lack of detail everywhere else. Absolutely gorgeous! Ah, and finally, the last Daniel of the day:

Daniel Lachenmeier

Swiss illustrator/designer Daniel Lachenmeier. I feel like I could just sit quietly and look at his work for a really, really, really long time. I wish I could think of a fancy, artsy sounding reason why, but the truth is I just find his work very calming. Maybe it’s the muted palette, or my love of all things suburban… who knows, but if you’ll please excuse me now, I’ve got some serious staring to do.

~ the jealous curator


Thanks so much D! You can read my switcharoo post over on The Jealous Curator!

4 Replies to “A Switch-Aroo with The Jealous Curator”

  1. marchi says:

    danielle I am jealous of your ability to curate like you do. I love this collection of art, none of which I had seen before. I love Jealous Curator, and it’s fun to see you here at pikaland too!

  2. thanks so much marchi! i loved doing this little switch-aroo, especially with amy! ; )

  3. Sommer says:

    oh MY! I adore the work of Daniel Egneus! great post.

  4. Love the great drawing of Daniel Egneus mixed with the free “accidental” look of the washes in his work. Loved them all.

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