Tutorial: World Party Day invites!

BigBigBigThings invite

Today’s post is a little different because I’m going to veer off from illustrations for awhile and instead will talk about a recent tutorial that I made for Rebecca of Big Big Big Things. Rebecca and Kitiya invited me to contribute a tutorial for them in conjunction with World Party Day and I’ve decided to send in a DIY tutorial for party invites!

I’ve weaved in some crafty elements while keeping the design clean so you can totally re-use the invitations how ever you wish! I’ve used scraps from the Good to Know zines to make the paper weave (I was inspired to come up with it after reading up on weaving when I bagged myself a vintage hand-weave loom for kids)!

BigBigBigThings invite

Read up on the tutorial over at Big Big Big Things and you if you’re not into the whole weaving thing like I am, you can download the ready-made PDF template here so that you can print them out yourself!


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