Links for the weekend

Anna Raff

Anna Raff (previously ) has completed over 500 bird drawings already, hurrah!

Love the new Forest Fables wallet collection over at Poketo.

An illustrated journey of Louis Vuitton’s luggage line from iconic steamer-trunk to the portable carry-case it is today.

Infographic: Have you had enough sleep yet? Better clock up or you might just die.

Watch Sarah Dennis’ Tales in a Pea Green Boat (love the papercuts and the shadow puppetry!)

Now you can send art via your phone with the Artogram app – there’s some lovely artist’s work on there already, like Katie Daisy and Kristiana Pärn among others.

Knitted superhero outfits – I’ll let that one sink in for a moment.

Print out your very own motivational Girls with a Message – a project started by Linda Tieu which I can see being hung in little girls’ rooms everywhere.


Have a great weekend folks!


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