Happy Birthday Pikaland! (+ survey)

This February marks the fourth year that I’ve been blogging on Pikaland. There’s approximately 1,700 posts in the archives, more than a thousand artists featured and almost 5,000 images captured and shown here in this little blog. We have online classes for artists. We publish zines. And we help out small businesses through various affordable sponsorship options.

But this year I’ve been a little restless.

I’ve got a fun project on the horizon that I can’t wait to reveal. I’m planning a few new collaborations with some of my favorite artists for Pikaland. And this year is the year that I focus on carving out my own path in art.

I’m thrilled at how things are coming along so far, and I’m excited beyond words.

But apart from the above plans, I know that after four years of running this happy endeavor is that I want to do bigger things, change mindsets and make a difference in the world. It’s such an overwhelming emotion that I am paralyzed at times. I’ll admit that it’s a little tough because I’ve carved out this amazingly fun community that’s currently straddling two different worlds – crafty, art-based illustrations vs. commercial illustrations – while not completely immersed in either.

So I’m a little conflicted.

But I know for my readers out there that this might not be the case. Perhaps you love Pikaland the way it is. Or perhaps some of you want more from me (or maybe some of you want me to choose between the two worlds). I’m more than happy to listen if you want to share.

How can Pikaland help you?
How can we be of service?
How can we be better?
How can we make a difference?

Let me know exactly how you feel in our 2012 survey. Share, rant, comment and suggest to your hearts content because I’m listening.

Thanks for coming on this journey with me and I can’t wait to see the many great things we can achieve together!

Survey participants will be entered into a lucky draw where 5 lucky responders will receive a surprise in the mail! We are also offering a discount code for use in our shop from now till 1st March in conjuction with our fourth anniversary. Use coupon code YAY2012 during checkout to receive 20% off your order!

5 Replies to “Happy Birthday Pikaland! (+ survey)”

  1. nadine says:

    happy birthday to pikaland! (:

  2. Kim Hambric says:

    Hi Amy,

    I’m brand new to Pikaland so I don’t have any suggestions for you. I just discovered you through Stephanie Levy’s Creative Courage e-course — so glad I found this wonderful site. Happy Birthday to Pikaland!!

  3. Mrs.Bertimus says:

    Dear Pikaland,
    thankyou so much for inviting me to submit my flickr picture to your group- I would love to!
    However, at the momment flickr has decided not to let me sign in and I’m hoping that the kind folks in flickr land will help me so it may take a few days (I hope!)
    Thanks again, it was a real boost, as I’m plucking up the courage to set up an Etsy shop soon.

  4. iris says:

    Dear Pikaland,

    Happy birthday, and great you exist!

    All the best and four candles,


  5. Elle says:

    Happy Birthday Pikaland!

    I have always loved the fact that you are able to balance both art-based and commercial illustrations. I do not think that the boundary between them is clear-cut. I would love to learn more about other illustrators’ work ethic, idea generation process, making the transition towards commercial works. I guess I’m really not suggesting a ‘change’ but I definitely advocate for posts with an interview format accompanied with samples of an artist’s portfolio. I find these posts most interesting as I can pick people’s brains.

    I also love the tips that you are continually posting as they give me much to think on and learn from.

    I would like to see Pikaland become into a very huge community of passionate and like-minded artists, through more collaborations,and would love to learn more about having that work-art-life balance.

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