Linda Olafsdottir

Linda Olafsdottir

Linda Olafsdottir

Linda Olafsdottir

Linda Olafsdottir

I can almost see Iceland-based illustrator’s Linda Olafsdottir work come to life as animated shows. Her characters are a joy to look at, and there’s a certain heart-warming quality to her illustrations that I’m sure would endear those who see it between the pages of picture books.


Happy weekend everyone! We’re coming round to the last day of the Chinese New Year this weekend so I’ll be out and about meeting up with friends and watching the last lion dance of the year.

Oh, and don’t forget that Michelle Fifis’ The Sellable Sketch class is filling up quickly and Alexandra Hedberg’s self-study Art as a Business class starts next week so if you haven’t enrolled yet, this weekend would be the best time to do so!

See you all on Monday!

3 Replies to “Linda Olafsdottir”

  1. Natsumi says:

    I can see them come to life, especially the first two, they should be short animations! Have fun at Chinese New Year.

  2. Very good work ! respect to you!!! don’t stop!

  3. ella says:

    oh what beautiful work! The colours, the perspectives, everything, yummy! I especially love the book Linda did for her son. Simply wonderful. Thanks for introducing me to to such inspiration on a slow and grey tuesday morning!

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