Alison Worman

Alison Worman

Alison Worman

Alison Worman

Alison Worman

Alison Worman

I am enamoured by the works of Alison Worman, in particular these gouache sketches/mini paintings. I find myself drawn to illustrations like these because I love the idea of being able to communicate ideas in a simple, yet effective format. I find that illustrations that manage to encapsulate a whole experience within a minimalistic (yet arresting) aesthetic is something that is harder to achieve than it looks.

See more at her Flickr stream and follow her on her blog.

Disovered via Brwn Paper Bag

4 Replies to “Alison Worman”

  1. Saga says:

    Oh, i love this!

  2. Roni J. says:

    I have been a Worman fan since she was featured on Book-By-Its-Cover. I love her sketchbooks, and she is such a hard worker. She is dedicated to her craft and I admire her drive. I am glad to see a feature on her less known work.

  3. nancy lili g says:

    Ooh, yes, good choice. I discovered her blog last year and she’s easily one of my favorites— especially love her textile journals, the stitching and the muted colors mixed with the occasional pattern because it always looks intimate. Is that weird to say? Whatever. Her work feels intimate.

  4. raichel says:

    beautiful work!!

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