Sponsor giveaway: Busy Beaver Buttons

Busy Beaver Button giveaway

Have you ever felt you needed to do more with your marketing materials? What if you could have your artwork stuck to a person’s attire – ready for them to stare at the whole day? Well if you answered a big fat YES to the above, today is your lucky day! Today’s sponsor giveaway comes from the lovely folks over at Busy Beaver Button Co, who are going to seriously rock your promo-material socks off.

One lucky winner will receive 50 custom button packs complete with their artwork valued at USD$126! This medium sized button package is perfect to showcase multiple button designs. And get this – you don’t just get the buttons – in addition to the two securely fastened 1.5-inch buttons you’ll also get a full color card that becomes a backdrop to your buttons too!

Just drop your comments in this post to be in the running! Say hello, share with us what you currently use as your promo materials – postcards, stickers, buttons, etc; or tell us what you plan to use these buttons for if you DO win? 😉

Deadline for the giveaway is 22 November 2011, so hurry!

Also, the Busy Beaver Button Co would like to offer a special $5 off coupon code for all Pikaland friends. Just enter PIKALAND at checkout on their website. This coupon code is valid until December 31, 2011!

*UPDATE: Commenting has now closed, thanks so much for participating. The winner of this giveaway is Michelle as chosen via random.org!

47 Replies to “Sponsor giveaway: Busy Beaver Buttons”

  1. Mary Hicks says:

    Love buttons, and what a great way to showcase one’s own art! Great idea!!

  2. Venla Rossi says:

    I love tea. Love those buttons too.

  3. Wendy says:

    Hi! I currently use postcards, buttons and vinyl stickers as my promo material.

  4. hope knight says:

    I love getting art ideas from your site to share with my elementary art students. They would be thrilled to get pins like this, which we could design to promote Youth Art Month or our school’s Fine Arts Night in May!

  5. Monique says:

    That’s a great idea for showcasing some of your card. At the moment I only use my business card to promote myself (because I’m pretty low on money;))

  6. Astrid says:

    I like to give away postcards and minicards. I would love to have those cool buttons!

  7. amanda says:

    i collect buttons from artists at every craft show we participate in…i pin them on our money bag. they are such a fun memento! my daughter and i would love to create our own to share!

  8. Emily says:

    I currently send out my business card with…buttons I ordered from Busy Beaver Button Co.! I think it’s a really great way to advertise because no one is going to throw away a button, but many people will throw away a paper business card!

  9. Meghan C says:

    What an awesome giveaway! I’m currently just using business cards as my sole take-home marketing material. I do love adorning myself with buttons from artists and creatives I dig! Since illustration is a big part of what I do, I would be so psyched to share my art in such a cute little package!

  10. Woo-hoo! I would love to win this one!
    I regularly submit to Red Hot One Inch Action which uses buttons like these to showcase artist’s work. In the one night show we trade our images with other artists. Very fun.
    I would probably use these as give-away items. A thank-you.

  11. Melissa says:

    I currently use business cards and stickers to promote my specialty cake business, Cake Hero. These buttons would be an amazing addition…I think I would give them as a little treat to tikes who get birthday cakes from me!

  12. Frida says:

    oh- i currently write my name and/or my website on a piece of paper and give to anyone interested, haha. some buttons would maybe be a better way.

  13. Rebecca says:

    Oh these are just lovely! I currently do Moo cards and occasionally do postcards.

  14. SWEET! what an awesome giveaway!! these buttons are beautiful and a wonderful idea. right now i do biz cards and postcards as promos… have been thinking about stickers, and yes buttons. this would be fab. i’d want to do at least one clever/ funny slogan or image, and one abstract/ pretty design. LOVE!

  15. Kim Reedich says:

    I currently use postcards and business cards, and am in the process of designing stickers. I would use a few of the buttons as giveaways at my upcoming art journal workshop and on my blog. They would be fun freebies to include in greeting card orders or at art fairs!

  16. dawn says:

    Oh, yes please! Those badges are so pretty! I would love to create my own badges, to promote my illustration and to hand out as a a good will gesture, or as a gift to a friend…I badly need something like this to kickstart my business!

    I hope it doesn’t matter that I’m a UK resident…:)

  17. Penny Poorly says:

    The internet is my biggest promotional material. I also have sticker contests sometimes and send out bunches of sticker packs.

  18. WANT! Am using postcards now as well as business cards. Would love to put some blown up details of illustrations on those buttons. Any ideas on how to put an url on something as tiny as a button? So people can remember where it came from? (of course my artwork would be so so good that everyone would know it’s me, but still… ;))

  19. Diana Neith says:

    Those are so cute!!
    I hope I get them…

    I really like the paper as well

  20. jen says:

    i have a zine fest coming up in february and this would be a great promo for my table! 🙂

  21. Gloria says:

    I want to win them because I’m going to need promo buttons for a craft fair that I’ve entered next year – I’m so excited! Thanks for the opportunity!

  22. Elisa says:

    I have Moo cards now. It would be nice to have buttons. 🙂

  23. Sarah B says:

    Those buttons rock! I hope that my art also do the trick on them.

  24. that’s easy! i was researching buttons just today, as i am going to give out awards to promote my new multicultural book called “the what the hell is your problem kit” A Kit for Uptight White People.

    I will design each button to as an award, and give the awards to “White Conversational Legends”, to help promote racial inclusiveness and community, and to teach people how to be more friendly (and have a laugh at themselves too hopefully) 🙂 thankyou amy!

  25. Irit says:

    Wow!!! I would put some of my photos on the buttons.

  26. Oh wow that’s so nice! Next year I’m done with my illustration studies so that would be such a nice thing to win! Right now I just have the internet & business cards, probably some postcards soon too!

  27. This is such a brilliant idea! At the moment I only have some business cards with name and my blog’s url on it, so some buttons to promote my work would be so awesome.

  28. Miss Lemon says:


  29. melanie says:

    Ahhhhh. Busy Beaver Button Company. Love it.
    It touches the Canadian in me. Thanks for sharing. Mel

  30. Picotta says:

    Buttons are fun! I’d love to see my illustrations on them! For now I’ve been promoting my art with minicards, I want to try buttons! <3

  31. manjit says:

    I currently have my illustrations on prints and postcards. I would love to have my art work on buttons to sell on my etsy and to pass to friends, they can be pinned to bags, clothes, cushions, etc. I would love to have them!

  32. Lacey says:

    I make postcards and stickers!

  33. frede says:

    This is great!I usually do not promote my work, but propose it in tiny shops,and actually make my buttons with a kid badge it! thing – which i like-
    But, this. ..

  34. Hug says:

    i will put these pins on my tote bag and on my winter coats. they would look so pretty!!

  35. Ingrid says:

    These are so lovely! I use my photos on cards, but they lack a certain something. ^^;

  36. Dawline-Jane says:

    Thanks for the link. I’m just starting to think about seriously promoting my work, and I’ve been window shopping for button makers. This is a great solution!

  37. Briana D. says:

    These would be awesome for my Etsy shop- never though of this kind of advertising!

  38. Michelle says:

    I have my business card, but for me the best way to promote my products is to actually use them in front of people! These buttons would be excellent for craft fairs!

  39. Cute pins!

    Always a favorite when it comes to marketing and giving something away that your customer’s will love.

    I’d love to include illustrations of my felt animals and bean bag dolls on the pins and give them away with every purchase. Or have some kind of discount for anyone who has collected them all!

  40. bonnie says:

    I collect little ‘badges’ (ie buttons) so I’m very excited about this give away. Currently I give away small manilla hang tags that I hand draw on–I might have to start using a stamp to do these since my hand has begun to cramp!

  41. why says:

    love these buttons!

    i use mini postcards~

  42. Sharon says:

    those are so cool!

  43. ella goodwin says:

    Ahhh these are so lovely and what a generous prize! I am starting to add laser cut pins of my illustrations as giveaways with prints and always add extra postcards to orders !

  44. Elizabeth says:

    Love these buttons! I used to give bookmarks as promotional material.

    Thanks for this great giveaway! 🙂

  45. Shelley says:

    Yippeee!!! Buttons 😉 I love little tiny promo things. I have round stickers, and little square stickers that I put with my prints for promo.

  46. These look so cool! I’d love to make my own buttons. SO much more creative than business cards.

  47. Laura says:

    All I have are business cards… and boring ones at that. Buttons would be adorb! And definitely a good reason for me to make up some new branding.

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