Reviews: Flamingo, Spoonful, Blanket & bicycle travel journal!

This week has been rather jam-packed, what with me falling sick with a bad flu! While sneaking in an occasional nap during the day to clear my head, I’ve also kept myself entertained with a stream of magazines and books that was delivered in the mail the last couple of weeks! I’ve bundled some of them together for this weeks review — enjoy!

Bicycle travel journal

Bicycle travel journal with illustrations by Nigel Peake

It’s no surprise that I love Nigel Peake’s works (see a previous review here) and so when I received his bicycle travel journal in the mail, I was smitten. I don’t really bike or travel enough by bike to write a journal about the experience, but I know that I’ll most probably be using it as a sketchbook instead (sorry Nigel!) The papers are gorgeous – lined, unlined, semi-lined, kraft, white and graph papers – they’re all here, and spread among them are Nigel’s excellent illustrations. And best of all, there’s 4 pouches sandwiched between the pages to hold all your stubs, tickets and paraphernalia you gather along the way.

Flamingo magazine: Outdoors issue!

Flamingo magazine

Siobhan from Flamingo magazine sent me their latest issue: the Outdoors issue and it’s chock full of lovely illustrations and articles about music, art, the environment, traveling and a whole lot of other fun things. The magazine is a generous size of 21 × 30 cm, with a matte finish from front to back. Siobhan’s team did a great job of putting together interviews for the magazine – while I find that a chunk of it goes to music makers, they weren’t dry or boring. Their eclectic offering also has an interview with founders of a floating cinema project, photographs of current day Chernobyl and a guide to hitch-hiking.

As Flamingo is just on their second issue, it will be great to see how the magazine grows!

Spoonful Zine

Spoonful zine

As Thea, the founder of Spoonful zine puts it – Spoonful is a happiness companion that can be finished within a train ride. Fully colored and a good solid 24-pages of articles, stories, interviews and craft tutorials, this zine is more feminine than the ones that I usually read (not that it’s a bad thing!) So if you’re in need of a little pick-me-up, this zine would probably do the trick – it’s like having a cup of hot tea while you’re on the train.

Blanket magazine

Blanket magazine

Blanket started out in 2006 as an online magazine. And this right here is their inaugural print issue – all the goodness of Blanket as you know it – jam packed into this small perfect bound bundle of goodness. I’m a big fan of editor Bec Brown’s good taste and the magazine continues the tradition that she has brought to their online offerings. Blanket may be the the first magazine (that I know of) that has gone from PDF downloads to physical print copies (it usually goes the other way!) I’m treated to the usual goodies – art, illustration, design and photography – only this time I don’t have to boot up the lappy to get a look.

You can see more images from the publications featured here on my Flickr stream – inside pages, sneak peeks and more!


Happy weekend folks, and I’ll see you again on Monday!

4 Replies to “Reviews: Flamingo, Spoonful, Blanket & bicycle travel journal!”

  1. Roni says:

    I do hope you feel better! The bike journal looks intriguing. I love the fact that blank books can be used for just about anything. I like to use them for the complete opposite of what they were intended for! Nice post keep’em coming!

  2. Melanie says:

    Amy, I think you’ve just solved me a christmas-present-buying-dilemma with this post, thank you! xox

  3. I have just received an issue of Spoonful. It is printed on beautiful paper, the photography is lovely. It was short and sweet. Really nice pub!

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