María Inés

María Inés

María Inés

María Inés

Maria Ines

María Inés is an illustrator based in Poland, and I love her work! Her layout, textures and compositions are what drew me in, and also they each have a raw handmade quality to them.

Her posters are my favorite, but you can see more over at her blog and also her Flickr stream.

Oh, and she does photography as well!


Happy weekend folks! Next week we’ll be reviewing some indie zines and magazines that just came in the mail! 🙂

4 Replies to “María Inés”

  1. Maeg says:

    Love these! Especially those wild musical cats with lights beaming out of their eyes. I love cats with super powers!

  2. sue-chan says:

    Wonderful! I love her work!

  3. marjainez says:

    thanks girls! I REALLY appreciate it! Love pikaland!! meow meow!

  4. Megan Trueblood says:

    Do you sell prints anywhere? I would love to buy one from you!

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