Patterns for Coloring

Patterns for coloring

Patterns for coloring

Patterns for coloring

Carlton Hibbert has collected an impressive archive of 200 patterns contributed by various illustrators and designers (and also those created by himself) over at Patterns for Coloring – they’re all free for download and can also be purchased as books and posters for your coloring pleasure at their shop!

(The above patterns are by Stephen Chan, Uberkraaft and Steph Baxter)

{Way to go Carlton! Here’s to the next 200 patterns!}


lose sight of the shore!

If you have things you want to do, and dreams you want to take on – remember to take small steps everyday to make it happen.

I won’t lie.

It’s scary.
It can get lonely at times.
You’ll be a wreck.
You might go hungry sometimes.
You’re tempted to go back so you can kiss dry land.

But it’s only the fear speaking. Once you’re out there in the vast ocean of your own making, there’s no where to go but onward and forward to your proverbial shore.

And isn’t that what living is all about? Taking it one step at a time daily?

Happy Monday everyone and be sure to take that one step (no matter how small) towards your dream!

{Via Scorching Suns}

me & oli

me and oli

me and oli

me and oli

You know those glossy websites with their shiny, beveled buttons fit for Web 2.0? Well those are boring and predictable. They do the job, certainly, but without much pizazz nor flair. So when I saw Me & Oli’s website, I was smitten.

And no wonder — the website is the brainchild of Sydney-based artist, illustrator and fashion designer Lalita Lu. Instead of human heads and feet, a preview of your outfit is shown on birds, foxes and a menagerie of animals that you can mix and match to your heart’s content.

Have fun over at Me & Oli’s website playing dress up – only this time it’s with your favorite animals!

{Found via Lost at E Minor}


Happy weekend everyone! Things are a little crazy at the moment as the Pikaland Artist Bootcamp: Making Your Mark just started off this week. Thanks for all the sweet emails and I’ll catch up with you all next week!

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