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Map-making is one of my favorite forms of art. It’s safe to say that everyone, no matter their age or whether or not they are an artist, has sketched out a map. At least once in their life anyway. (And if you haven’t, you should try it out – because people understand maps better than just spoken or written directions!)

So I was really happy to see that Adam Hayes has started up a blog showcasing maps made by artists and illustrators! Each artist has responded to his call by making a map of somewhere that they feel they belong, and responses can include maps of places they live or grew up in, maps of the future or even of fictional locations and even maps of nowhere.

You can always contact Adam directly if you want to take part over at his blog.

And also, here’s a book on maps if you’re REALLY into these sort of things: The Map as Art: Contemporary Artists Explore Cartography

Natalia Sanabria

natalia sanabria

natalia sanabria

I am loving the fashion illustrations of Natalia Sanabria, a student from Costa Rica who is currently illustrating for Nylon Mexico. Her pencil lines are soft and beautiful, and I love how the pops of color in her work focuses your eye without screaming for attention. In some ways, her use of color carefully extends the eye and leads it to the more interesting bits without having every element vying for attention.

You can see more of her work via Flickr.

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