The Bottled Project

The Bottled Project

Alexx Boisjoli runs a small design studio in Toronto that focuses on ceramics, and he emailed me about his latest project that involves the production of one thousand bottles with ten illustrators.

Alexx says:
The Bottled Project hopes to create a direct connection between the craft world and illustration, we hope to give the opportunity of ceramic production to ten designers who may not have the chance otherwise. In collaborating we’re hoping to expand skills of ceramics with the creative talents of emerging illustrators.

Their first illustrator is Nolan Pelletier (whom you may remember from my post here ) and it looks absolutely lovely! I think he may still be looking for an illustrator or two, and you can contact him directly for more information — here’s the design brief.

For those who’d like to collect these pretty little works of art, you can head over to Alexx’s Etsy shop.

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  1. Wow so cool! Such an awesome project! Thanks for sharing Amy— your blog is ever-inspiring!

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