Naz Rahbar

Naz Rahbar

Naz Rahbar

Naz Rahbar

Naz Rahbar

Naz Rahbar was born in Tehran, Iran but immigrated to Canada at the age of 13, where she completed her studies with a Fine arts Degree at OCAD university with a major in drawing and painting and a minor in printmaking. I think her portrait series are pretty interesting – she paints the people she meets from memory instead of taking a snapshot, and takes it as a challenge to see how well she can recall their faces.

Tell me a little more about yourself.
I live in Toronto Canada, and most of the year I wish I lived somewhere warm. I would like to experience living in different parts of the world. I find different landscapes and people inspiring. I wish I could just travel and fill up sketchbooks and travel logs!

Your website shows various printmaking works – which ones are your favorite, and why?
I like different printmaking techniques for their unique qualities and limitation. I love Lithography and wish I could learn and practice more of it. Unfortunately I don’t have access to a Litho press and studio right now. I guess can’t really choose a favorite. I am happier with the silk screens I have done.

Does your style and work seek to communicate a particular message?
No way, or at least not one that is clear to myself at this time. I guess I’m more interested in fiction, or stories, or vignettes or mainly with the idea of documenting or recording a moment, a feeling, a face, a person, or a sort of something I feel possessed to draw.

Who would be your dream client / Who would you love to work for?
Ultimately I guess it would be to work for myself! I have been thinking of a sort of graphic novel. It would be great to have a book published. One that speaks to people of kind and ages would be ideal.

You can see more of Naz’s work on her website and also purchase original prints from her Etsy shop.

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  1. yael says:

    Amazing find Amy!!!!!!!

  2. Elisa says:

    The portrait series is wonderful. I love the idea of drawing the impression of the person, because that’s what you get from memory. And Naz, you have amazing recall. 🙂

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