Camp Pikaland: Kim Welling

Kim Welling joins us as a teacher at Camp Pikaland with her online workshop – “Taking illustrations beyond the 2D”: which begins on September 1st! Her whimsical illustrations don’t just reside on paper – Kim adds dimension and character to her illustrations by adding them onto products like brooches, cups, plates and her famous comfort kits.

Hi Kim, can you tell us a little bit about your background and the work you do?
I’m an Illustrator based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. I used to be a fashiondesigner but loved drawing so much that I went back to art school to become an illustrator and started my own business as such in 2007.

Because I’d like to do many different things, I’m also teaching illustration and own a webshop alongside my freelance illustration work. My illustrations go from 2D to porcelain china, diorama boxes, window displays, accessories and more.

Your class – Taking Illustration beyond the 2D is about taking artists works and taking them beyond paper and bringing them to life. What inspired you to create this class, and what knowledge would you seek to impart to students?
I started making diorama boxes because I wanted to explore how to ‘build’ an image and this way of illustrating stayed with me along the way. Being curious about how my drawings would work on other surfaces than paper, I started with brooches and porcelain china.

While teaching here in Utrecht I noticed how much my students like this way of illustrating, it’s a way to expand your creativity. When Camp Pikaland came along, this was the perfect opportunity to transfer this into a workshop!

What do you think are the biggest hurdles for those who are looking to turn their work from 2D to 3D?
First of all technique, especially with new materials but even with paper it can be tricky to make it firm and last longer than one day, not to let it curl and stay put without the ‘building structure’ showing.

It could also be a challenge to build a striking image, you’re making it 3D so is has to look good from different angles. There’s more to see so more to design. If you put your work on existing material you want to think about how your illustrations work together with the surface so lots to learn!

And what will students learn at the end of the class?
They will learn how to build a diorama box, I’ll give tips and tricks on the technique and just guide you through the whole proces. They’ll also explore working on other materials and existing surfaces or objects. In this second part of the workshop it’s more about exploring, finding your material of preference and seeing how your illustrations work on a bigger scale. Of course i’ll be giving advice in any stage of the workshop to those who need it.

Is there a pre-requisite for those who would like to join in?
It’s best when you have a little experience with drawing but you do not need to be a pro or anything.

Is there anything in particular you’d like to highlight about your class?
This is the first time ever I teach this workshop (that’s all about taking your work beyond the 2D) online so if you haven’t had the change to attend any of my local classes here in the Netherlands (and even if you have, it’s a good chance to take it a bit further), it’s a great oppurtunity to learn how to work with 3D illustrations and get all the inside tips & tricks!

Kim’s class Taking illustrations beyond the 2D starts next month, so register as soon as possible as seats are limited!


Happy weekend everyone! I will be working from sunny Singapore for the next two weeks – so feel free to drop me a note if you’re there as well!


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