Lucy Eldridge

I discovered the work of London-based Lucy Eldridge via my Tumblr page, and I’m smitten ever since. Her watercolor work is beautifully imperfect (in a sort-of perfect way) while detailed touches to various elements adds flair and texture to an already understated portfolio. I’d love to see her illustrate some children’s books!

3 Replies to “Lucy Eldridge”

  1. Kimia Kline says:

    her work really is so perfect in its imperfections. thank you for introducing me to these illustrations! i am heading to check out more of her work….

  2. lucy says:

    she has such pretty work! very jealous of her talent!

  3. alicia says:

    I love her watery style! Bagelman made me giggle – thanks – I needed that! 🙂

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