Wee Little Stitches

Wee Little Stitches

Wee Little Stitches

Wee Little Stitches

It’s Mr. T’s birthday today, which means I’ll be out celebrating with the family for dinner! And a good celebration usually brings out the geek in me, so I’m leaving you with the work of Wee Little Stitches (I’m unabashedly a big fan of pixels, if you don’t know already!)

There’s not much info on the sellers – except that they seem to be a couple who’s really into cross stitch! They have patterns and finished pieces that’s ready to hang of your favorite characters (Ghostbusters! Justice League of America! Shaun of the Dead!) and if you find that you’re home alone on a Saturday night, bust out those needles and do up your favorites among your coziest cushions.

7 Replies to “Wee Little Stitches”

  1. Grace says:

    I don’t cross stitch but I could do with some of these patterns, they are so cute!

  2. These are so cute! I used to be crazy about cross-stitch when I was a kid. Did it day and night. Haha.

    Happy bday to Mr T!

  3. Romina says:

    hahaha these are awesome!! I <3 them

  4. Marisa says:

    I need a couch full of nerdy cross-stitch pillows. Stat.

  5. Konchita says:

    Wee Little Stitches are OK but there are other shops that sell great cross stitch patterns, like PixelPower, for example. I think that PixelPower even better than WLS:

    – they have way more patterns (in fact, they have A LOT of patterns) and add a new pattern almost every day;
    – their patterns cost less money and they have amazing sales, like 3 patterns for 10$ or 5 patterns for 15$;
    – they have a Facebook group where they post a free pattern every week and giveaway some of their commercial patterns for free;
    – they make custom patterns in a day or two and if you can’t find your favourite movie, tv show or music band in their shop you need just ask them to make it for you, everything will be ready in a couple of days, try to do the same with WLS, you’ll be waiting for ages;
    – they are just super:-)

    Give them some love and visit their shop: http://www.pixelpowerdesign.etsy.com. Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pixelpowerdesign

  6. Ambra says:

    Cloudsfactory too sells characters cross stitch patterns! I love the Disney princesses patterns and there are also movies, tv series and rock bands! She made me a custom pattern in 2 days for just 5$! She is super!


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