Boo and Boo Factory

Boo and Boo Factory

Boo and Boo Factory

Boo and Boo Factory

I rarely show my girly side over here, but these pieces by Boo and Boo Factory just makes me want to put on my cheeriest outfit so that I can put on these lovely necklaces to top it all off! Edgy yet hip, these would make for a fun conversation piece – I love the pairing of materials and also the overlapping patterns that makes each piece unique, much like wearing a piece of graphic art.

Architecture graduate Christina Anton makes these fun geometric pieces from leather; piecing together different forms to create unique and eclectic compositions with a style that leans towards – in her own words – bohemian tribal to an urban street chic look infused with digital architectural influences.

There’s more – according to Christina:

“Processes in architecture such as parametric and algorithmic scripting are my biggest influences. I think in shapes, dream in lines and find beauty in repetition. I am inspired by anything from vertebrae, plant cells, biomimicry to abandoned factories and urban wastelands.”


Happy weekend everyone!

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2 Replies to “Boo and Boo Factory”

  1. Gerlin says:

    This is so so amazing. So amazing. I will need to save for a piece. Absolutely amazing. (oh right, I’ve already said that)

  2. Rosa Navas says:

    Beautiful pieces. I love their colors.

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