Valerie Chua

Valerie Chua

Valerie Chua

Valerie Chua

If you had told me that Valerie Chua was a self-taught artist, I wouldn’t have believed you. But by golly she is, and it’s amazing what she can do — she specializes in traditional mediums such as watercolor, gouache and acrylic.

From her About page:
A lot of my works are composed of female faces and figures displaying an equivocal sense of honesty and deceptiveness. I play with the idea of women revealing herself through nature. Recently I’ve been attracted to Japan’s Mori/Forest Girl subculture, which gives prime to innocence and simplicity.

She’s based in Manila, Philippines and she details her working process on her blog. It’s a lovely read, especially her experiments with watercolor. You can purchase some postcards and also prints over at her Etsy shop.

~ Thanks Camz for the link!


  1. Lily X says:

    This so lovely! My favourite medium is also watercolor and absolutely love how everyone use watercolor differently. =D

  2. Kathy says:

    Beautiful! I have watercolor-envy…all I can do with it is make colorful splotches!

  3. Her work is beautiful….right up my street.

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