Name: ladypajama
Location: Missoula, MT
Website: or

How about a brief introduction?
I like to look at art (this includes writing, and zine making) as a hobby that pays for its self. I have no belief that I will ever be able to support myself or make it big with my art. This allows me the freedom to be ultimately creative, as I have no fears of people liking and buying.

How did you get involved with zine making?
I was introduced to the whole thing in highschool when I was making an underground newspaper. I did many collaborative projects with friends throughout highschool. After that I had great intentions but never quite followed through until I was 24. Then something just clicked and I started making insane amounts of zines. Really, go look at my etsy store. That isn’t even half of them.

Tell us what’s your goal when it comes to zine making?
I publish a monthly perzine that I send out through the mail. It is called “Blah Blah Blah.” My main goal with it is mostly communication. And perhaps documentation. It is good have a deadline. And although it is a tiny little thing. Doing that little bit every month adds up. Some day maybe I’ll publish a book of them. We will see.

Any favorite artists that inspired you to make your zine?
I am inspired constantly.

What’s the one tip you’d like to share with people who are interested in making their own zines?
Just do it. Don’t talk about it or think about it. Just make a zine. There is this challenge that happens every July called the “24 hour zine challenge”. I would recommend trying to make a zine in 24 hours. Even if it isn’t July.

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