Jeanne Van Etten

Jeanne Van Etten

Name: Jeanne van Etten
Location: 30 miles out to sea on the Island of Nantucket

How about a brief introduction?
I have been illustrating and painting all of my life. I’ve made my living selling decorative gifts and hand painted furniture to shops all over the United States as well as having my own shops from time to time. I now have a wee shop here on Nantucket Island where I showcase all that I do.

How did you get involved with zine making?
I got involved with zine making when my two sons were in high school and brought some home that their friends had made. I have always loved the small little books that some of my favorite illustrators did, (Edward Gorey, Joan Walsh Anglund, Beatrix Potter), and the zines reminded me of that.

Tell us what’s your goal when it comes to zine making?
My goal in zine making is to reach an audience of children of all ages to be creative, use their imaginations,and just have FUN!

Any favorite artists that inspired you to make your zine?
My favorite artist is Edward Gorey. I also love his nonsense.

What’s the one tip you’d like to share with people who are interested in making their own zines?
My tip for sharing is keep looking at other zines! That is what inspires me. I look at Nieves Books, doodlers anonymous , and of course, PIKALAND to name a few,for inspirational artists.


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