Swatch Young Illustrators Award 2010

Young Illustrators Award

Next year’s May 2011 will signal Illustrative’s 6th year as the leading international festival for contemporary illustration and graphic arts, and as with every year, they hold a competition to crown an illustrator with an award, and this year, it’s the Swatch Young Illustrators Award.

From their website:
The Swatch Young Illustrators Award is an unique competition awarding creativity and innovation in personal contemporary illustration and graphics. The award encourages and supports designers in their artistic practice and offers an international and worldwide recognized platform for them. In three categories, illustrative art works, art projects with graphic influences, animations, installations and book art objects qualify for submission. A jury, consisting of international art directors, well-known illustrators and publishers, will nominate artists in each category in October 2010.

The closing date for entry is 22 Oct, and they’ve invited me to participate for free (the fee is €35 €30), but I’ve turned them down. Part of me feels inadequate, and besides, I’m going to be pretty busy until next year! So although I’m not going to send in my work, I thought their kind offer shall not go wasted.

If you’re serious about participating, please email me at amy{AT} with the subject line ILLUSTRATIVE BERLIN. I’ll pick a random name out of the hat on Monday. The winner will have their participation fee waived for the competition!

UPDATE: The lucky illustrator who won a fee waiver for the Swatch Young Illustrator Awards is Katrin Coetzer. Thanks to those who entered — you’re all winners in my book!

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  1. Mithi says:

    Ah! I just bookemarked this from the Creative Review website too …

    Me me me! Please? Need all the help I can get!

  2. Crix says:

    Weeeo! I’m gonna start sketching now, thank you!

  3. read the truth about YIA2010/Illustrative at:…

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