Laura Berger

Laura George

Name: Laura Berger
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Website: | Flickr | blog

How about a brief introduction?
My name is Laura Berger and I’m an artist and illustrator based in Chicago, Illinois. My work is illustrative and is inspired by the idea of finding novelty and adventure in everyday life. I participate in group and solo showings around the US and Canada, and I also do freelance illustration work, murals, and commissions. When I’m not painting or drawing, I like to spend my time on coffee, really good food, my guitar, dreaming of the ocean, reading, traveling to distant lands, and taking pictures.

What made Gocco so special for you?
Gocco was my first foray into screenprinting of any kind! I enjoyed it so much that I would say it had a really big role in inspiring me to start making more art. I started out by printing my own greeting cards and sending them to friends and family.

Any tips on using a Gocco that you’d like to share?
Make sure you get a good sharp drawing to start with. And make sure you use your Gocco very frequently. Because it is fun. And fun is good.

What’s your biggest accomplishment to date?
I just quit my job to pursue my art and illustration full-time. It took a lot for me to take this risk, so I’m proud that I jumped.

Share something random with us!
I want a micro-pig. I would also be very content with a micro-hippo, but I’m not sure those exist.

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