The Pikaland Artist Bootcamp: FAQs

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What is the Pikaland Artist Bootcamp?
To put it quite simply, the Pikaland Artist Bootcamp is designed to get artists to start creating their art. We’ve encountered so many people who are paralyzed at the beginning, and for those who ask themselves – what should I do? How can I fill this page? How can I make my mark? How can I take my work further?

The bootcamp is an intensive four to six week course that’s geared towards different stages of an artists’ journey. We help our students by providing them with guidance, advice, tips and also constructive criticism, so that they can focus on addressing the issues that get in the way of their art making. We also cover topics like marketing for artists so that our students are well equipped to take their work to the next level.

The course is taught by Amy Ng of Pikaland and Jamie Shelman, both of whom are extremely dedicated to helping artists explore their inner strengths, while teaching them how to apply creative thinking to every aspect of art-making.

Who should sign up for bootcamp?
Artists at various stages of their career are most welcome. It doesn’t matter if you lack technical skills – what’s important is that you’ll be learning how to think creatively, so be prepared to move some mind muscles and work it!

I live in the middle of nowhere. How can I possibly attend your class?
Of course you can! All you need is an internet connection, an email account, a PC (or a Mac, if you prefer), and time to dedicate to the course.

How does it work?
All bootcamp courses are assignment based. Each week, we’ll be posting out assignments for you to do, and we will be there at the end of the week to see how far you’ve come along. There’s examples, tips, advice and lots of cat drawings (courtesy of Jamie) to spice things up. Along the way we’ll be chatting with our students and giving out one-on-one advice. No two artist are alike!

Currently our bootcamp courses cost USD$140 that covers all our hard work in creating a great syllabus and a wonderful environment for you to actively participate in. Not only has Jamie and Amy done a lot of research on all the materials presented, but they will be checking in with their students constantly, lending a hand and an ear to each one! The cost also includes an entry into the Pikaland Bootcamp Alumni, where you can continue your conversation after the course ends.

UPDATE: Please note that the course has been extended from the original duration of 4 weeks to 6 weeks due to feedback from students, hence the increase in the price of the course! This comes to about $23.35 per week, or approximately $3.50 per day (that’s less than a cup of coffee!) It’s a steal when you think about the highly personalized, one-on-one attention to the critiques and constructive criticism we give our students!

You mentioned having to dedicate a lot of time into the assignments. How much time are we talking about?
We’re not joking when we say that our assignments will make you sweat it out — creatively speaking, of course! Since no artist is the same, it can range from an hour to 12 hours for a student to finish one assignment, and that doesn’t include all the time brainstorming about the lesson! But here’s the thing: those who immerse themselves fully in the course will continue to reap tremendous benefits long after the bootcamp is over!

Do you offer private one-on-one consultations?
Yes we do! We are available for online consultations regarding your art, portfolio and shop – we charge USD$60 per hour. This option is also great for students who are looking for some extra one-on-one session after the bootcamp is over. Feel free to contact us directly through email: pikabootcam{AT!} for more info!

So what will I get in the end?
By the end of each bootcamp, students will have had lots of fun (very important!), but most importantly, they will be leaving with a new portfolio of work, plus plenty of insight from the teachers and their classmates about their work. We place a lot of emphasis on constructive criticism and the sharing of ideas – the environment in the bootcamp is a safe one, so that each student is able to express their thoughts freely, and that way, they are also able receive feedback with an open mind. Not enough for you? Don’t take our word for it — check out what our past students had to say about our class.

Who draws those fantastic cats?
Why that’s the work of Jamie Shelman!

Do you have an online shop where I can get swag and worksheets so that we can experience the bootcamp at home?
Of course! We thought you wouldn’t ask! We have an Etsy shop where we sell worksheets for you to do at home that’s part of the Pikaland Artist Bootcamp programme and also some lovely cat drawings to keep you pumped up!


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