The Pao Pao girls

Pao Pao

Pao Pao

Pao Pao

The Pao Pao Girls is a collaborative outfit of two Japanese artists: Aya Kakeda (featured previously) and Fumiha Tanaka who are currently having an exhibition over at the Alternative Cafe. Born in Japan and currently residing in New York, the combination of their work is best described as a mash up of APAK and Betsy Walton!

Their work on display is a mix of surreal fantasy landscapes that showcase their unique inhabitants. Guest curated by Kevin E. Taylor (another fantastic artist), the show is on from July 9th-Aug 12th, so if you’re in Monterey, California hop on over for a visit!

UPDATE: Read about Fumiha’s adventure in the course of running the show on her blog!

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