The Spring PikaPackage giveaway!

Ah, don’t you just love spring? The sound of birds chirping, the flowers are blooming, and also, the return of the PikaPackage Project – the Spring edition no less!

A year’s hiatus, plenty of emails and requests for the PikaPackage Project and I’m so happy to announce that we’re now on track to bring you more lovely items from our favourite illustrators and artists! For the newly initiated, the PikaPackage project is a fun marketing tool and swap meet for illustrators who are currently selling their wares online. There’s a giveaway (this post is it!), and also very limited edition packages for sale in the shop!

We have 23 participants in total, and here they are:
1. Allison Cole
2. Amy Blackwell
3. Angel D’Amico Bauer of AD Love
4. Carla Sonheim
5. Cloudery
6. Cristina Amodeo
7. Donna McKenzie of Corella Design
8. Fonfique
9. Jen Collins of Hellojenuine
10. Jordan Grace Owens
11. Jo Cheung
12. Juan Diego of Machintoy
13. Katie Green
14. Lucy Davidson of Peas & Needles
15. Lydia Nichols
16. Michelle Cavagliano of Myzoetrope
17. Nancy Mungcal of Pretty Little Thieves
18. Papirmasse
19. Roseau
20. Sam Wedelich of Dwell Deep
21. Samantha Battersby of Matou en peluche
22. Sarah Anderson of Petit Reve
23. Pamela Tobler of Zoetropa

Best of all, you can read all about our participants in this little nifty Spring PikaPackage zine – there’s a short little Q+A in there with each artist and you may just find a new favourite to love!

Spring PikaPackage

We have TWO 8-item Spring PikaPackage for grabs (valued at about $50 each!), and TWO lucky winners will get to take home a large loot of lovely items in the mail! All you have to do is just head on to any of the websites above and tell us which one is your favourite artist & why. Drop your note in the comments section by 23rd June and we’ll email the winners after!

For those who want to get a Spring PikaPackage of your very own, you can head over to the shop to pick up a package!

UPDATE: Commenting has closed and we’ll announce the winner on Monday!


135 thoughts on “The Spring PikaPackage giveaway!

  1. I went to university with Jo Cheung and I really love her artwork – I have a few of her floral abstract prints from Our second year! Its lovely to see her on here and it would be real bonus to win the competition too 🙂

  2. I like Carla Sonheim´s gallery! The most I like her Self portrait with Natalie 🙂 It´s simple but full of love (I have 3 chihuahuas at home :))!

  3. I really love Pretty Little Thieves, but I think I have to go with Amy Blackwell, since I just love walking by the 2 prints from her that I have hanging by my front door. The color combos she chooses suit me so well.

  4. I’m gonna go with Amy Blackwell as I’ve just this minute finished hanging one of her prints up in my living room, although I have just hung an equally beautiful Gocco print by Jen Collins up too – I can never make a decision!

  5. Wow, so generous! Loooks lovelyyy!!! I’ve been a fan of Carla Sonheim for some time now, beautiful illustrations. Great to visit all the other artists too, I’m getting new favorites now!

  6. I love all of creations these artists design/draw. I particularly enjoy Nancy Mungcal of Pretty Little Thieves. Her characters are sweet! Thank you!

  7. I’d have to go with Lydia Nichols because she is wonderful. But I would be so excited to receive the entire package and cover my apartment with ART!

  8. Love! I could name a few favorites, but I’m gonna go with Amy Blackwell. I like the way she uses color and her cute animals are a favorite of mine.

  9. I think I’ll have to go with Jordan Grace Owens just because I have these bearded pins and they’re so awesome! But tbh, I love each and every one of them, there’s so much to discover.
    It’d be lovely to finally win a giveaway 🙂

  10. I too have to go with Jordan Grace Owens – her femmes modernes piece is awesome. and the green bearded pin set? fantastic. thanks so much for entering me!

  11. i love Love LOVE carla sonheim! it is her whimsy that draws me in. i would be so super excited if i were to win this awesome giveaway!! p.s. i love Love LOVE pikaland too!

  12. Really like Carla Sonheim and Jordan Grace Owens—hard to choose, though! Really great stuff there. Thanks for the generous giveaway.

  13. I honestly am spending all my time right now checking out each artist and I ahve to say I’m having the most dificult time deciding on one absolute favorite! I love them all, but my heart lusts over “Pretty Little Thieves” jsut a slightly more. Something to do with the simple lines, quirkyness, and witty girls I’m adoring.


  14. Lucy Davidson of Peas & Needles is the best. I want her to be my best friend or at least help me redecorate my living room. Thanks for turning me on to her!

  15. I have to agree that it’s difficult to pick a favorite, but I must admit to being majorly charmed by Juan Diego’s work “Machintoy.” It tickles some childhood favorites—all types of paper cut-outs and fabric crafts. I want to get out my scissors!

  16. ahh, it is so hard to choose from this amazing group of artists! i have to say though, i have been a fan of nancy mungcal for ages, and i just adore her work. i have 2 of her pieces 91 print, 1 original) hanging on the wall next to my desk! i especially love that she donates the proceeds from some of her artwork sales to great causes.

  17. This was a really hard choice! As a vegan, I’m going to have to go with Allison Cole, for the veggie pins and bag, but Michelle Cavagliano and Jordan Grace Owens tie for second.

  18. I’m a big fan of Katie Green – I love the innocence and endearing naivety of her drawings which for me, capture both the sweet side of life and its (often comic) reality. Her drawings make me smile, giggle and sigh! x

  19. I love the idea behind “Papirmasse,” so I’m going to choose that as my favorite!
    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  20. I love love love all of these. I would have to say my favorite is Michelle Cavagliano of Myzoetrope, there is something very whimsical that I love about it. Yay for giveaway

  21. Its really hard to choose just one artist, but my favorite is Jordan Grace Owens. I like the simplicity of her illustrations and the variety in the kinds of items. I love the face magnets!

  22. Picking a favorite is so hard…. but I’ll go with Jen Collins because I actually have some of her work & it totally brings me happiness every time I look at it. But then again I also have some pins from Lydia Nicholls….. so she’s a favorite too (and Jordan Grace Owens…. and Allison Cole… and… and!)

  23. I’ve been a fan of Lydia Nichols work for quite a while so I was pretty psyched to see her being included, I just love her color sense and character design.

  24. how does one choose?!?! such a gorgeous, breathtaking range of work. i’m always amazed by pikapackage 🙂 it pains me so much to choose, but if i really, really had to (if i was being chased by a man-eating creature with eight arms and clamping jaws etc and had to yell out to save my life), i’d have to bring it down to papirmasse (what an idea!), cloudery (such fluid, beautiful lines), and corella (who could resist those owls?!). xx

  25. I am really in love with Jordan Grace Owens work! I love those dolls with their flapping arms and legs – they’re so simple but yet so beautifuly funny

  26. first, thanks for the wonderful collection of different artists, i like all of them. but my favourite one is probably Cristina Amodeo. i really like her style and how she combines nature/animals with human features and things. i also enjoy the colours she uses very much!

  27. Oh no! This decision is hard!

    Hmmm…I guess Ms. Donna from Corella Designs because I really love the bear print I won from her. And also, Pamela Tober’s goods made from recycled paper!

    (sigh) I wish we had spring here.

  28. I’m in love with those polaroids Amy Blackwell created, so she’s definitely my favorite (although, I must say, this was a difficult choice to make – so many talented artists!!!). Amy’s sense of color and her simple designs really stand out to me. Subtle combinations, yet very out there!

  29. I had such fun looking at all the illustrators. My best favourite is the exciting Juan Diego. I see his work and get inspired. I want to make some robots with my free postcard collection!

  30. Jordan Grace Jones, I’ve been a fan of hers for a while and I love her retro inspired illustrations. She uses simple line and block colour in such a remarkable way that it spurs me on to try harder!

  31. I love all of the pieces that are featured in the giveaway. I find them all to be so adorable and they would look great up on the walls of my new apartment.

    It’s really hard to choose a favourite from the artists participating in this collection because they’re all talened, but I guess I can say my favouritest is Allison Cole and at a close second is Donna McKenzie of Corella Design.

  32. Just one!? Difficult. But I’ve been following Jen Collins for quite some time now, and I really appreciate her work. And her energy! Doing all kinds of things besides working full time, impressive.

  33. I’m at a certain crossroad in my life right now and feeling rather blue and apprehensive about several things, and the moment I saw Michelle Cavagliano of Myzoetrope’s happy Love Letters bear drawing in the compilation picture, it called out to me and somehow really made me feel better! Something about the use of colours and her subjects in her drawings just make me feel so happy and a little less blue. Thank you Michelle! (And Pikaland for introducing us (: )

  34. Love that you have returned this! Looking forward to clicking on the other artists links to learn more about them….Thanks!

  35. it’s hard to pick a favorite, everyone is wonderful! but the few that i really like: Peas and Needles has some cute graphics, and I also like Pretty Little Thieves for her simplicity in drawing those funny little people. also, I like the simple graphic quality of Petit Reve and Katie Green’s blossoming tree is so cute (and she’s a super-nice person too!)

  36. Oh! So many good artists to pick from!
    It’s almost impossible to pick just one… I love Nancy’s work at Pretty Little Thieves – I have one original drawing of hers and I can’t get tired of her mysterious little characters.

    Maybe I’m lucky!

  37. This is such a wonderful giveaway – wow!! I love alot of these artists – but I think I’d have to say Jordan Grace Owens is one of my faves – love her style!

  38. Wow, this is great! I’m a fan of prettylittlethieves..and my other favorite (just have to name them, cause I’m a fan, is Cloudery). Also, just wanted to let you know that #19’s link doesn’t appear to work…hope this can be fixed. : )

  39. Oh how I’ve missed the pikapackage so! Happy to see that it has returned.

    Thank you for the chance to win such a prize; this collection looks and sounds amazing! Each artist offers so many great things and they all have a magic quirkiness to them; I can’t say one is my favorite. I do love Pretty Little Thieves however!

  40. I love the simple and playful styles of the pieces from zoetropa – Pamela definitely has an eye for balance and color.

  41. I really love Donna McKenzie of Corella Design’s stuff. I just looked on the Corella Design Etsy too and the Beavers Love Blue Mittens print melts my hearts!!

  42. i like Allison Cole best allthought there are many splendid artisits. but her “take us home”- tote just made me smile and i can´t stop thinking of eating fresh vegetables since then.

  43. I love all the artists, i think the PikaPackage is such a good idea and i want to take part soon!
    But i must say, i have my eye on allison coles tote bag – makes me want to give printing a go!!

  44. i’m a fan of a lotta these artistes, but wanna give a total
    to all y’all pikapackages for introducing me to jen collins!!

    seriously, her illustrations feel like a breath of fresh air for me— up to date without being at all derivative, &plus they look good also..

  45. So hard to choose … you can’t make me choose!! Okay, I’ll choose. Cristina Amodeo – so clean, so elegant, and yet so poignant. But they’re all great.

  46. 93…that’s a lucky number…YAY!
    Thanks and I nearly missed out on this…
    HUGS to ALL the BRILLIANT artists…if I don’t win one…I will be sad.
    Katie GREENROCKS!!!

  47. all are awesome…so rad! but allison cole is totally a favorite- such wonderful, vibrant and bold illustrations, and i adore her happy and sad clouds!!!! 😀 ya!

  48. I love all of the artists! I have a soft spot for Amy Blackwell, got two of her prints in my living room and they look amazing.

  49. …well, I know that it could sound parochial, but I’m in love with Cristina Amodeo’s (aka Rubalaparruccarosa) works, especially how she represents animals!

    A big hug from Italy and thanks so much for this generous chance!

  50. I really like Pretty petty thieves, but I think I am going with Amy Blackwell, because I just love to go with two excerpts from her that I hung my hug door.A ahead of Italy and thanks much for this generous opportunity! It is fantastic! So many brilliant artists are here, so it is difficult to choose just one.

  51. Papirmasse—wow, such a lovely concept & I’m utterly enraptured by the gorgeous zine-y flair of the site. Although, truly, it’s difficult to choose!

  52. Tough choice!! But I’ll have to say Amy Blackwell because I’ve been following her for a while… and I love foxes and cats too!

  53. since I started reading Carla Sonheim’s blog, I’ve started drawing, and having tons of fun doing it. I love love love her work, and she has inspired me to the moon
    Anni in Toronto

  54. Carla Sonhiem, she is whimsical, creative, fun and just down right a great person to be around. When taking her class she is interested in only one thing, “you” and being successful and she does. Now that I have had Carla i am on a quest to become an illustrator and an author. Now I know pilaland the world has open even further. thanks for sharing it all.

  55. I absolutely adore Carla Sonheim’s drawings, and how she finds joy in the smallest details, including what others might call mistakes! Every time I look at her work, I’m refreshed and inspired to go out and see the world in new ways and to draw and to just enjoy everything life throws at you 🙂 It just makes me feel happy

  56. loot and pikapackage in one sentence is too good to be true!! Please pick me!!!!

    I love Amy Blackwell – those bright colours and those foxy faces all looking so refined but innocent… beautiful!
    (Hellojenuine is a close second place – I’m a sucker for colours!)

  57. I was struck by Katie Green’s print of the girl and the cherry blossom.
    My late Grandma Marcia, whom I was extremely close to, loved her large cherry blossom tree in her garden and I have a beautiful picture of her standing in front of the explosion of pink. I bought my own “Marcia tree” to plant in my own garden and every May it flowers, the anniversary of her passing.

    Katie’s print is so delicate and peaceful and make me sigh!

  58. my favourite artist if Jen from HelloJenuine! I’ve been a huge fan of her blog for a while – she’s so talented 🙂

    thanks for the chance!

    eli. x


  59. Glad the pikapackage is back in circulation! So hard to pick a favorite they are all wonderful, but if forced at gunpoint my faves would be Amy Blackwell and Jordan Grace Owens.

  60. I am so in love with Jo Cheung’s illustrations, and the idea behind Papirmasse is awesome! What an excellent round-up of artists!

  61. Geez! This is so hard 🙂

    I think Pretty Little Thieves has my heart. I have loved her work ever since I first saw it. There is something so lighthearted about those little pieces…happy!

  62. LOVE Pretty Little Thieves. So unexpected, slightly strange, always cool + interesting. Would love to win her stuff amongst all the other great artists’ work!

  63. My favorite is Nancy Mungcal of Pretty Little Thieves. Her work is amazing. I love the shapes, colors, and characters. I own a few of her drawings and they are some of my favorite pieces that I have.

  64. Gah! How’s a girl to decide on a favorite? Cristina Amodeo won out in the end. Her choice of animals in her work (roosters! insects!), not to mention the colorways and textures, really draw me in. Thanks for the chance to win!

  65. Pretty Little Thieves led me to find this opportunity, so I have to recognize that my interest in Nancy Mungcal’s work is significant. I feel lucky enough to have found this chance in time! After looking through the artists, I enjoy looking at it all but I also am caught by Amy Blackwell’s work and Michelle Cavagliano of Myzoetrope. I have honestly just started to recognize my interest in art other than with yarn, fabric & clay which is why I think I’m drawn to texture and colors. I would be pleasantly overwhelmed with artwork if I won a PikaPackage! What a great way to really start my journey discovering more art! 🙂

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