If I was you

Sandra Dieckmann

‘If i was you, I’d miss you so!’ Sandra Dieckmann

Ramires Arte

‘If I Was Sandra, I would conquer the world with my (her) art.
(And maybe come to all the exhibitions on board of a flying gondola , wearing my panda costume) Ramires Arte

Irina Popova

‘If I Was Ramires, I ‘d tell a short story to change somebodies world’ Ira’s Flickr

Fresh from illustrating her book, Sandra Dieckmann’s is now busy with another new project called If I was you. One illustrator a week will be invited to create a response to the previously featured artist in illustrating their answer to the question: ‘If I was you, I …’

If you’d like to take part, contact Sandra at ifiwasyouinfo{AT}gmail.com!

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