Illustration Friday

I first got a taste of illustration love on Illustration Friday, a site that welcomes artists, illustrators and doodlers of all levels. Set up by Penelope Dullaghan (her pictorial essay How became an illustrator inspired me to leave my job in the first place!) I haven’t been participating in the themes every week, but I do peek in whenever I have the chance!

I highly recommend everyone who’s interested in illustration to try their hand at the assignment every week and join in the challenge. The best thing about IF is that you are able to see so many different interpretations of one topic which helps you see things in a different light – a highly useful skill for any artist to flex their creative muscles.

This week’s topic is “Slither”, and I’ve picked out a few illustrations that caught my eye (there’s about 400+ of them and counting!)

From Kirstie Edmunds

From White Octopus Illustration

From Educating Katie

From Cate Anevski

From Eric Barclay

Join in the fun over at Illustration Friday — the next topic will be up soon, so sign up for their mailing list to have the next topic delivered to your inbox!

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