Sponsor giveaway: Ali J

Sponsor giveaway: Ali J

This week’s sponsor giveaway comes from Ali J, an artist based in Perth whose favorite subject matter is portraiture with a modern twist — have you checked out her lovely ladies yet? If you haven’t you should, and here’s a tip — look out for their fab hair!

Ali is also having a huge sale in her shop where everything is 50% off – she’s making room for more new art!

She’s giving away 1 limited edition print, 1 archival print, and
10 greeting cards from her collection to ONE lucky commenter. AND the lucky winner will be able to choose which images they want for each item! Just comment on this post by 7th July to be in the running!

UPDATE: Commenting has now closed, thanks so much for participating. The winner of this giveaway is Candace, as generated by random.org.

Mr. Spoqui

Mr. Spoqui





Mr. Spoqui is a blog run by four brothers; Amba (19 years old), B.B (14), Mi (17) and Ogait (11). I’ve been a fan of their lovely blog for a few weeks now and they’ve always managed to make me smile with their creations.

I think it’s beautiful how they support each others’ work – they seem to truly enjoy themselves, and they collaborate with each other too; and the results are fun experiments in art that they then document on the blog. They’ve just released their first family magazine for June and I can’t wait to see what’s inside!

How’s that for brotherly love and keeping it in the family?

What our students had to say!


I do not think I have ever learned so much in such a short time. May be this course came just at the right moment? I loved the assignments, they really made me do things in a new way, the lavish documentation (online is great for including references) and the thoughtful feed back. Even though I did not always agree it made me think every time.

Brilliant course. So worth the money. It’s really got me back on track with where I want to go with my work. Feedback, suggestions and references given by Jamie and Amy were both candid and extrememly helpful. It was great to interact with other artists from all around the world and share ideas, tips and opinions. I’ll be back again, hopefully this year! Thank you.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Pikaland Making your Mark bootcamp. I feel as if I am lot more confident in my ability to put pen to paper and produce something that I really like. Jamie and Amy’s comments and feedback were fantastic — the right mix of critique and encouragement. But I think what I will take away most from this course is a real sense that your inspiration is all around you and that simply drawing from your own experiences can create wonderful results. Thank you so much! I will definitely be signing up for more courses.

I loved that this course really pushed me to make art and to look closely at the art that I was making. It also made me realize that I don’t have to wait for that lightbulb moment or an enlightment to find inspiration for art. The inspiration can be right under my nose!

I found the Bootcamp to be very enlightening about my personal strengths and weaknesses (sometimes one and the same) and feel that I’ve begun to find a path to my own areas of style and interest. The feedback from both instructors and participants was incredibly helpful – especially the negative feedback – it’s so hard to find anyone willing to be honest about one’s work. I thought the exercises were thought-provoking and difficult in a good way, and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

I very much enjoyed the course. The assignments really got me thinking , and after a long time of doing nothing creative, this course made me make 8 pieces of art in 4 weeks. I certainly feel a lot more like creating now, so it really got me back into the habit of drawing. It was nice to get some constructive criticism, and to meet some fellow artists. I’m definitely hoping to do another course in the future.

I loved joining the Pikaland bootcamp. It may have been one of the wisest decisions in my artistic life. As an illustrator, it got me out of a greyish place where I got stuck and was thinking I was not going to cut it, that I wasn’t a good enough artist. The way positive feedback was being used, the enthousiasm that was around, the coolest assignments that were being given, the open communication amongst students about their insecurities and recognizing that you are not alone out there, were worth every penny. It got me inspired again, and back on the road to starting my own little online shop in the near future.


On PIKALAND’S ARTIST BOOTCAMP #2: How to survive & thrive as an artist:

This course is a very practical one – before you can even say the word blog Amy and Jamie have you making a banner for it. And it simply rolls on from there – these supportive and enthusiastic teachers gently kick everyone online. But they also make you think of ways to enjoy it. The second best thing of this bootcamp is that you are in a group, and everyone is helping all the others with feed back and tips. I have learned a lot from the other members too. It was intense, and I learned a lot.

I loved this class. I feel so much more aware of how I can use the internet to promote and sell my artwork. Amy and Jamie are a great team. Their comments are so helpful. The class also made me feel less alone out there in internet land. I appreciate being able to be part of the alumni group because I want the interaction to continue. I loved getting the feedback from the other class members and am looking forward to continuing our “relationship”.

I think a Pika class is something I need to do every year—to refresh my mind and my business, to learn new things, and meet new people around the world. It was a truly valuable experience and I’m sure I will do it again!

This course was really helpful to me to address some of the things that were holding me back from developing my online business. Jamie and Amy were really knowledgeable and helped wit hgreat advice and suggestions. Plus I met some other great artists online.

I wasn’t sure what I was really getting myself into, but I’ve since come away from the Pikaland course with a greater confidence in my art practice and a smile on my face! Don’t be fooled it’s grueling but I’d happily recommend it to any budding artist whatever stage of art your at!

On PIKALAND’S ARTIST BOOTCAMP #3: Visual Journaling:

I have now done Bootcamps 1, 2, and 3 and they certainly have made me work hard! But along with the effort has come great feedback, new skills and great contacts. I am amazed at what I have been able to get done in the last 4.5 months since starting the first Bootcamp.

After being in a serious rut for sometime I stumbled across the Pikaland Bootcamp course and decided that this was the kick start I needed to get back into things. It didn’t disappoint! I feel revived and raring to go! The course was simple to follow yet incredibly inventive, can’t wait to get my book out there! Thanks Amy and Jamie!


Ready to take on the Pikaland Artist Bootcamp? We’re opening up our Spring classes for enrollment, so head here to join in — all our classes have sold out previously, so grab your seat early!


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