Show us what you’ve got.

Jenny M

{Custom illustration by Jenny M. from the Pikaland Flickr group}

{nuevo inquilino by Cacahuete from the Pikaland Flickr group}

I’ve always wanted to start a Flickr page for Pikaland as way others can submit their work via Flickr, but somehow never got around to doing it! But after talking to our community members, we’re going to give it a good go since a lot of you have an account with Flickr. At this juncture, we might have to use the Pikaland Flickr group to replace the current community site as well — it’s a long story!

In the meantime, if you have any new illustration works to share, feel free use these following channels:

  • Post your link up on our Facebook page (which recently underwent a much-needed lift)
  • Or use the good old contact form for some one-on-one communication!

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  1. Emma Kidd says:

    I love the pieces you have chosen to show here, they are wonderful! Yeah for the Flickr group!

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