Good to Know #8: HELP!

good to know 8

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I’d like to think that tough days are behind us (what with the economic crisis and all), but to me, it’s never over. With business, everyday seems like a rollercoaster, especially if you’re running a one man show — which most artists are doing now.

So in celebration of the help that artists received along the way, the Good to Know issue #8 deals with exactly this topic: help and the support that you’ve been given, and what you’d recommend others do when in the same situation. Sixteen artists shared their story and advice all in 28 pages!

Ready to get your copy? Head over to the Good to Know page, and see also our past issues of the zines for more topics covered!

And for our next issue, I thought we’d take a break from the usual zine format of the Good to Know project, switch it up a little and use a different medium, with a little fun thrown in.

Send me the best advice you’ve heard as an artist via this twitter hashtag: #GTK9 and I’ll compile them all! What comes next will be announced later on!

{The cover for this issue was designed by Helen of Memo — thanks H!}


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