Howard by Julia Pott

I consider YouTube to be one big cinema that offers byte-sized entertainment – free, 24/7. I notice though, that my choice of entertainment borders on the bizarre and are usually animated (sometimes it’s a combination of both.)

The things I find amusing are cartoons like Cow and Chicken (one of the most hilarious shows ever), old cartoons from Nickelodeon, and of course, Julia Pott’s animations – her most recent one is called Howard, a story about a relationship that has changed. Pull up a chair and enjoy!

4 Replies to “Howard by Julia Pott”

  1. Helen Birch says:

    Such a beautiful, spare style: parred down colour palette, wonderful spacious composition and gently lyrical, understated story voice. An instant big like for me

  2. I love Julia Pott! Exciting to see her new animation! Thanks for sharing.

  3. vee says:

    i have loved her music video for casiotone for the painfully alone, and this new one is just as great!!!!

  4. erika rossi says:

    This is one of the most amazing video I’ve ever seen! I’m a new fan of Julia Pott!

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