Review: Popshot Magazine

Poetry and illustration are both very beautiful art forms — both share a similarity of being stripped bare, fresh and free for all to see.

Popshot magazine

Popshot magazine

Popshot magazine is published twice a year and marries these two beautiful expression; bringing you a book filled with poems from up-and-coming poets, paring them with the interpretation of individual poems by illustrators.

Issue #3 is the Liberate issue, where the topic ranges from taking your clothes off, prostitution, grandmothers, to the Dalai Lama. Not to be taken in at a go (it clearly states so from the intro), the book has about 50 entries in total divided between words and marks.

Popshot magazine


Truth be told, my appreciation of poetry only began after I read the works of Robert Frost (especially The Road Not Taken) and discovering that poetry has the power to stir thought by allowing the reader to interpret it however way one wishes. One of my favourites from Popshot is the funny Warrior King by Joshua Seigal:

Warrior King

I’m the warrior-king of the garden
I’m a revolutionary
With my gun and my axe and my telescope
And my lookout in my tree

I’m the warrior-king of the garden
I’m a soldier, a fighter, a winner
I don’t take orders from anyone
Until mum calls me in for dinner

Reading poetry taps into my imagination – there isn’t a need for much to be said, but through each meaningful word, prose line, and description, it sets the stage for something spectacular. Popshot magazine does this effectively by also providing a platform for illustrators who have something to say about the theme on hand. Combined with a short paragraph to let you in on what the poet is trying to say, the whole package is easy on the eyes and makes for a great afternoon read when paired with a cup of tea.


Popshot magazine

Who the book is for: Poetry lovers, illustrators and those who are curious to dive into the subject matter at hand. Get your copy at Popshot.

Who isn’t it for?: Those who aren’t into poetry. Or maybe it’s a good time to discover the beauty of poetry if you haven’t already.


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8 Replies to “Review: Popshot Magazine”

  1. sloeginfizz says:

    I didn’t fall in love with poetry until I found Billy Collins — so accessible and fun! Now I can’t get enough — can’t wait to check out this book. Thanks!

  2. Nadine says:

    amy, THANK YOU for doing this review!
    now I am introduced to a really cool poetry
    mag that I’ve been looking for ;D

    thank you thank you thank you! <3

  3. lisa says:

    great review, but is it poetry or prose?

  4. Amy says:

    Lisa, it’s all poetry — I’ve edited my review above! 🙂

  5. Katie G says:

    Amy!!!! Please stop telling me about more things I need to buy! My house will collapse from the weight of all the books!!!

    Seriously though, I’ll definitely be checking this out, and I think my poetry-loving sister would enjoy it too. Thanks for another great review 🙂

  6. Amy says:

    Katie: HAHA! xoxo

  7. Serena says:

    This magazine looks adorable! i need to get my hands on one.

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