The Pikaland Artist Boot Camp Series

How many times have you tried to pick up a pencil/pen/marker/crayon/brush, only to put it down and walk away with fear and intimidation at that white piece of paper staring back at you? Trust us when we say that your journey into the world of making art is not as hard as it seems. All you need is a little push and nudge in the right direction – and we are here to help you by holding your hand; inspiring you to make new work and offer you one-to-one guidance to help unlock your potential as you traverse the world of surviving as an artist online.


1. Pikaland Artist Bootcamp #1: Making your mark { starts 28th February 2011 }
2. Pikaland Artist Bootcamp #2: How to Survive and Thrive as an Artist Online { starts 18th April 2011 }
3. Pikaland Artist Bootcamp #3: Visual Journaling {starts May 2011}
4. Pika Alumni: Making Your Mark #2 {for past students of Pikaland Artist Bootcamp, starts 4th July 2011}

Need more information? Read the FAQs on the Pikaland Artist Bootcamp!

Also, read some of our students’ feedback on our classes!

New courses will be added from time to time, so join in the mailing list for announcements and more!

NEW!: We just opened an Etsy shop where you can get cool cat swag and also some worksheets from the Pikaland Artist Bootcamp syllabus that you can do on your own time!


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