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Everyone should have a monster to call their own. Mine would be one that’s a little rough around the edges, scruffy looking with a gruff voice, but a big heart (and one with a smile goes a long way too.)

If there ever was a lady who could translate my perfect monster onto paper, that would be Emma Kidd of Benconservato. She’s based in Australia, and is an artist, illustrator, printmaker, and photographer who’s always busy dreaming up and drawing monsters!

She’s giving away a set of Monsters Behaving Badly Colouring Book and a 6-pack of Colour Me Happy Gocco Party Invites to ONE lucky reader if you’ll share with us your favorite monsters (real or imaginary!)

Giveaway ends on 16th March 2010 and the winner will be announced via email!

UPDATE: Commenting has now closed, thanks so much for participating. The winner of this giveaway is stephanie morgan rogers.


32 thoughts on “Sponsor giveaway: Benconservato

  1. The Aswang is my favorite monster. Mostly because it sounds so ridiculous I can’t take it seriously as a monster.

    Like, if it applied for a job as a monster and I was the employer, I’d have to try not to laugh.

    This coloring book, however, is no laughing matter. I have to marry my crayons with it’s spooky pages 🙂

  2. My favourite monster has always been Sully from Monsters Inc. Cute and fluffy but big enough to protect me, and of course he would be great at making me laugh!

  3. My favourite monster would be a big and clumsy one who couldn’t help step onto people’s feet and who would steal all of my red licorice.
    Please, count me in. That colouring book looks fantastic!

  4. My favourite monster would be strong, powerful and damn right hot…..like the beast out of ‘Beauty and the Beast’. Some people would call him a a monster. Or even King Kong…..cause those characters have a deep and loving side. The beast has this really sexy voice so that would have to be a major characteristic in my ideal monster.

    p.s. That colouring book is amazing and I want it NOW!!!!!!!!!!

  5. My favorite monster is the one who startles me out of a sound sleep by crawling into bed with me late and night, wiggling its cold, little feet against me and saying, “Mommy, I had a bad dream. Can I sleep with you?”

  6. I love colouring book!!! My favourite monster (or creature) is Kamaji, from Miyazaki’s “Spirited Away”. I love how he uses all his different legs and I love his big moustache 🙂

  7. my favorite monster has always been, and will always be “cookie monster” from “sesame street”…to me he will always be awesome!

  8. My favourite monster is my son when he wears his slips in his head and in his hand a plastic sword saying he´ll save me from everybody because I´m his “prinseta” (princesa in spanish).

  9. my favorite monster is the rancor from star wars!! i love your blog so much. no idea how i found it, but everything you post is everything i love 🙂 thank you!

  10. first of all, Happy (late) Birthday to Pikaland!!
    now, of course i love monsters! specially, if you can collect them or color them with pretty crayons and markers, like these one from Emma Kidd.

    i’d go back to my childhood years spent in front of the TV watching cartoons and kids series: my favorite monsters are Count Duckula, and Count von Count (often known simply as The Count) from the Sesame Street! i can’t choose between one of them, sorry!
    so, these lovely spooky creatures are from the 80s, i wonder if anyone else commenting here remembers them?… oh boy, now i feel old eeeekk! i might be old, but i still love spending time with crayons and coloring books, how’s that? 😀

  11. ahhh, so good to be back in Pikaland!!
    i just looove emma kidd!
    my favorite monster? definitely the sasquatch, i grew up in the northwest u.s. so he was a real threat when we went camping! i’d scour the woods for evidence, like hair stuck on branches ( i was told it was moss )
    i love that he has become a sort of illustration icon these days. he is scarey, wise, magical and real all rolled up into one big weird monster!

  12. I just love all these monsters. They are so fun! I personally love Celia Mae, the Medusa-like monster from Monsters Inc. I love her attitude and how her hair reacts to her mood.

  13. I had some help from my younger son with this, because I was quite happy with the choice of bunyip, but he insisted that the icycalus was a much cooler monster!

    (And he thinks he will be using that colouring in book, should we win…I will be colouring in! ;D )

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