Giveaway #28: Anthony Zinonos’ loot

I love getting a loot (yes, that’s right) of stuff. Especially when they’re rad and filled with illustrate-y goodness, like this bounty from Anthony Zinonos.

Inside you’ll find one A4 Giclee print, DIY collage kit, ‘Le Dot’ zine, notebook made from vintage and recycled paper and handmade collage badges. I’d say this would make one heck of a stocking stuffer for the lucky winner, wouldn’t you? 🙂

Comment below to be in the running and be sure to enter by 8th December to be in the running. Did I mention that December 8th is my birthday too? Pity I can’t enter because I would definitely give the birthday girl a big upper hand. Sigh.

Giveaways on Pikaland are global – meaning that EVERYONE from ANYWHERE can enter!

UPDATE: Commenting has now closed, thanks for participating!


122 thoughts on “Giveaway #28: Anthony Zinonos’ loot

  1. this looks like a great prompt to lazy bums like me 🙂
    oh and happy bday in advance! im sure youll be wished happy bday all week long now, thats nice 🙂 on my bday everyones on holiday…

  2. Eeeeee! How brilliantly bright and beautiful!

    POP goes the weasellllllll!

    Ok, I am excited!! Time to cross my fingers and toes and hope that good karma comes around to let me win :). Talking about good karma, you sure are going to get heaps of it by giving this to whoever wins it.

    Wishing you a happy birthday in advance and tons of magic and chocolate for the year 🙂


  3. I never win these things, but this is something that I really would love to get. So pretty!

    (My birthday isn’t on the 8th or anywhere near that date. Happy birthday, in advance, though!)

  4. Wow, it all looks beautiful!

    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday dear Amy,
    Happy Birthday to you!

    Have a lovely cake-filled day and also a very Merry Christmas! <3

  5. Oh my, I hope Belgian contestants like me have a chance too? I love collages and everything illustrated and/or handmade. This would make my day for sure. No wait, make that week.
    Also: happy birthday for next week then!

  6. My Mrs.Wife would just love this.
    I just stumbled on this wonderful blog looking for christmas gift ideas. This would be fantastic!

  7. doh!

    i never read, that even someone from far far away (germany) could win your giveaways…

    so this will be my first attempt.

    count me in!

  8. Oooh, I love loot too…I would love to win this.
    Amy…I’ll have to do a special post for your birthday! A day after my Mum’s…
    Sorry been M.I.A…my dad hasn’t been very well and have been pre-occupied with that.

  9. i hope i got lucky with that random machine..i love the package! and pikaland is my inspiration! happy early birthday 🙂

  10. What a cool giveaway!! I’d like to think I might let my son loose with the collage stuff to create some great pieces but I would probably chicken out and keep to myself!!
    Happy holidays

  11. Hi Pika pika, I love your newsletter it inspires me so and hope you have a great birthday, girl! This give away is great fun and coincidentially, my mom always calls me “dot”. I am very curious what “le dot” book looks like on the inside. Have fun tomorrow and hope you pick me.

  12. happy birthday to you fellow saggi!!!

    I would love to win a little package like this, it could be like my birthday present too- mine is the 14th!

    Love Love, Bisous

  13. happy birthday!! you’d love to live in Spain, because the 8th of december is a holiday 🙂

    thanks also for another great giveaway. i love anthony’s collages. been following his flickr for quite some time. always unexpected and fun!

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