Giveaway #27: Minkee’s gocco prints!

I hope you’re having a happy Tuesday so far, because here’s another giveaway that will surely sweeten your day.

THREE winners will each receive an original Gocco print made by Minkee a freelance illustrator and printmaker who hails from the UK. Her style is wonderfully playful, as you can see from her blog, and she’s a favourite of mine (yes, this is also the part where I tell you how much I want one.)

Comment by the 1st of December and we’ll contact you via email if you’re one of the lucky ones!

UPDATE: Commenting has now closed, thanks for participating!


77 thoughts on “Giveaway #27: Minkee’s gocco prints!

  1. I absolutely love the Savannah Buddies one on the right. And the octopus on her blog. Actually the peacock she made for her shop is amazing, too – she should adapt that into a print.

  2. These are gorgeous! I really need to make my gocco get along with me. I swear it must just hate me, because none of my prints come out this beautiful!

  3. Yes please! 🙂 It’s 1am – half asleep and I’ve no idea how I ended up here (google images + random clicks perhaps), but I’m glad I did, great site 🙂

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