Pikaland is moving!

Moving to another webhost, that is! After being so very frustrated by the lack of service offered by my current webhost, Pikaland will finally move to a new one, and I will be making the move from tomorrow.

I’ll be disabling comments from this Saturday, 23rd Oct, 3am PST until Sunday, 25th Oct, and I’ll let you know when everything is good and done! The website will still be here, up and running, but I wanted to make the transition a smooth one, so that means no new addition to the site until we’re officially clear. So if you want to comment on any of our posts, better do it RIGHT NOW because you’ll have to sit tight for two days before you can get in on our current giveaways. (I’ll extend the dates for them too, just so you won’t miss out).

I’ve chosen Saturday & Sunday to do this as it is the most quiet time of the week, and hopefully you won’t be able to notice much difference; except for less downtime and a happier me (ever seen me cursing through my teeth because the website has been down for 8 hours at a go? Not the best sight.)

See you Monday!

UPDATE: Everything is done and moved. Hurrah! Thanks so much for all your patience! There was a bit of a glitch here and there but hopefully it was short and unnoticeable.

MaryKate McDevitt




Funny illustrations, inspiring prints and mini goal chalkboards at MaryKateMcDevitt’s Etsy shop makes me want to go out and make something. I am particularly enamoured by the chalkboards the most because I have fond memories of drawing on the sidewalks with chalk. One thing I can’t bear is the sound of screeching nails on the board. Thankfully her boards are small enough that there’s not much room for that to happen, you know, just in case some drama queen decides to let loose on the poor thing. HA!

Mei Ying

Ever wondered what you’d see if you’re Snow White (being surrounded by friends of the forest and all?) Well now you can by hanging this print by Lydia Mei Ying up your wall. Even if your woodland friends are in black and white. And in repeats. Maybe Snow White needs glasses?

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