Gillian Bates

Gillian Bates is a UK-based textile artist who specializes in contemporary embroidered textiles. Her work is dones as if she’s drawing with needle and thread instead of a pen, as she makes her mark by using a freehand machine, embroidering on white cotton drill fabric. What about those blocks of colours on the canvas, you ask? Well, they’re a mix of reclaimed, recycled & new fabrics sewed into place.

See more of her work on her Flickr photostream.


You know how you can recognize someone’s work instantly because of their style? Maybe it’s because I keep seeing Jen’s work over on her blog and hope for the day when she’ll get that space on Etsy and open up a shop of her own.

That was what she did, by the way, and you can see all sorts of lovely stuff she made in her Etsy shop that’s called hellojenuine.

Felicita Sala

You know how for our fifth issue of the Good to Know zine we discussed about artists who didn’t go for a formal education? Well Felicita Sala didn’t go to art school (she studied philosophy instead).

She’s a a painter and illustrator born in Italy, bred in Australia, and currently lives in Rome. During hard times, she sold her work on the streets. You can’t get more inspiring than that!

She has an Etsy shop called baboucherouge and there’s lots of beautiful things on there, including originals.

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