Giveaway: Do you get jealous/envious of other people’s work?

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The latest issue of the Good to Know zine is out, and this time we’re dealing with jealousy and envy. Forty artists/illustrators took part this time round and there’s 48 page of advice and inspiration for all!

To celebrate the launch, we’re giving away TWO issues of this zine; one each to lucky commentors who tell us when was the last time you felt that pang of jealousy or envy.

Giveaway ends on 5th November, and if you can’t wait, you can always get your own copy at the Good to Know project page where you’ll also find past issues of the zine.

To participate for future rounds or to be updated when the new issue is out, just sign up for our mailing list!

UPDATE: Commenting has now closed, thanks for participating!

40 Replies to “Giveaway: Do you get jealous/envious of other people’s work?”

  1. Robyn says:

    I feel that pang of jealousy all the time! But I think seeing other peoples amazing work is what gives us inspiration and drives us to be more creative. 🙂 So it’s the good kind of jealousy!

    1. murti says:

      its not jealousy, its inspiration and thats gud. even i see alot of artwork and gets me all like, wow i wanna do something like that too.

  2. Lucia says:

    I feel that pang all the time…even when I read about someone winning a give-away!!! I am happy for them, but jealous at the same time. Jeappy? Halous?? Is it a word? 🙂

    Lucia in San Francisco

  3. MUDPUPPY says:

    I recently stumbled upon decoy lab on etsy and checked out her website and site shop and was so impressed with the seamless branding. Envious, yes. Check it:

  4. erica k says:

    i never really get jealous of other artist’s work – i recognize the talent, appreciate their skills, and strive to be better by studying their form! this is a great zine episode for artists though – always something to keep in mind 🙂

  5. ikkinlala says:

    I rarely get jealous of others’ work, but I don’t consider myself an artist.

  6. I have never really been a jealous person, even in relationships. I view jealousy as a waste of energy and anytime there might be any kind of ‘pang’ my brain automatically reroutes those thoughts into positive energy.

    I find joy in being happy for others and offering help where I can to further them. Someone once told me “Lift as you climb” and I have followed it ever since. I am a believer in ‘what goes around comes around’, karma or whatever you want to call it, but the energy you put out is definitely the energy you get back so being jealous only harms you.

    Example. If someone wins a drawing that I did not win I am thrilled because it means my chances will be better next time. hehe

    I find so much inspiration online, Pikaland included. Amy has opened doors for me here and I love reading about how well people are doing with their work as it gives me hope that mine will do well also. The old adage of the ‘starving artist’ isn’t as prevalent anymore which is fabulous.

    Ok, going to go write my inclusion for issue 7 right now before I miss it again!

    Happy Halloween and Blessed Samhain everyone!

  7. shermeen tan says:

    I hate to admit it, but yes I do! There’s also the tinge of desperation in the whole emotional mix after viewing a particularly talented person!Even though sometimes you can accept it logically, you still feel the pangs of jealousy/envy.

    It’s not about hating the person though… because you don’t. I think it’s more about despairing about yourself + whether your talent will ever match up! Even if I don’t win this, I think I’ll purchase it. 🙂 It’ll be a great topic to read about and to learn from the views of the contributors in it!

  8. I get little pangs that are a combination of jealousy and admiration… when i see Kat Macleods illustrations ( or when i read about people with amazing jobs doing just what they love… i’m almost there but not quite… encourages me to keep going!

  9. Ah, jealousy and envy are things I often struggle with. It’s easy to get swept up in what other people are doing and feel envious of their success, but jealousy and envy does seem to be the flip-side of admiring and being inspired by another artist—-so I think it’s important to flip that coin, like other people are talking about here. I also always try to keep in mind that everyone’s path is different, and there’s no way to know exactly what someone else did to get where they are. You are you (and I am me), and that is the wonderful thing about art, we’re all different. But it is hard to escape the pangs of jealousy, and like Shermeen explains so well above, the desperation, frustration, or confusion about how to follow your path.

  10. Melissa H. says:

    Jealousy…probably about 5 minutes ago when I thought of all of the people who can make a living from their art and I’m stuck here in this dead end job. I’m trying to be hopeful I’ll be there someday!

  11. Diane says:

    I get that pang of jealousy everytime I see/hear/read about someone who does what they love for a lving. I don’t love my job and that makes me jealous, but not brave enough to do something about it.

  12. Maja says:

    Last time I was jealous was just last night. I was drawing something on some old box, and in the middle of my work I just got really jealous of all the people who can make their hand follow their mind… but, I finished it in the end and I am actually quite pleased. 😀

  13. helms says:

    I get jealous when I see other people taking the risky steps when I’m sometimes still scared to death to tip toe forward.

  14. Annie May says:

    I get jealous when I see people playing with their dogs on the beach and I’m heading off to work:-)

  15. Kim says:

    Last time I felt jealous was today at the private viewing of the Made in the Shade Maisonette opening in Glasgow. I’m selling my stuff through it but I was so jealous of the lovely gals that have worked their bums off to get it set up. I like to think of it as motivation rather than jealously though!

  16. Christina says:

    When I took a closer look on the beautifully lettered title on the zine.

  17. noella k says:

    i was extra jealous today when my sister got to go to aBeyonce concert.. all because she finished work 1 hour before me and it so happened my cousins needed someone to drop them off and they had an extra ticket with them!

  18. Chloe Shields says:

    The last time I was jealous was just a second ago, when I looked at the front page of Etsy. There are always really wonderful things on Etsy so I can’t help feeling a tad jealous!

  19. Naomi says:

    I get jealous when I see amazing craft projects on blogs. I wish I was not only organized enough to make stuff, but to also remember to document the process…

  20. Panserlugg says:

    I got jelaous today when my friend showed me this..:
    so talented! 🙂

  21. Blandine says:

    2 days ago, I went to a cooking lesson, and I was jealous of another girl for two reasons: first, she had a more powerful and efficient camera than me and then, she dared to take pictures when I was too shy to do it. I’m always afraid I’m gonna disturb someone (here, the teacher or the other students) and afterwards, I always regret not taking more pictures. So I’m really jealous of people that have this self-confident I cruelly lack of.

  22. Littleclouds says:

    Too often ! I know we shouldn’t compare ourselves but its hard, now with the internet its soo easy to see others in that selective, perfect flawless way whilst we know our own faults.
    The last time where jealously bubbled would of been someone I met who was born with a silver spoon with absolutely no idea/value of money & made everything out ‘to be easy’ because it really was for them.
    They would create when they wanted if they wanted and then through family connections was able to score amazing deals to showcase themselves, plus free rent, free studio that type of thing, how can you fail when you have a life like that?

    Okay need to stop thinking of this person now 😀

  23. Littleclouds says:

    ps : I also get REALLY jealous when someone silly young like 19/21 achieves amazing amazing things, I was hiding behind a wallflower at 19 !

  24. I’m so glad there are so many other people who get jealous too. I feel jealous when I think someone is successful (read: making a living as a visual artist) yet doesn’t have as much skill as I feel I do. The truth is probably that they are confidently pursuing their career and I’ve spent to much time dreaming about it. I’m trying hard to change that though. A cash cushion and some more free time could help. : )

  25. Laila Smith says:

    I think its less jealousy but wonder at people who seem to be able to ‘do it all!’ They handle family, creative job, outlets, are really sucessful and keep a beautiful blog on the go! Are they super beings! I can just about muddle through with the creative job and kids. Maybe they have found a wonder drug that means they don’t have to sleep!!

  26. johanna says:

    i feel some kind of jealousy or wonder all the time (i am not an artist but an art student)just today when i looked at my friends work for her printmaking portfolio she has done really amazing work and i looked at it and wished that i had done it!
    Is that jealousy or mabe admiration(i would like that word better) or both???

  27. sfer says:

    Just a few minutes ago, when I was reading about a friend’s trip to NYC! I want to go too!! :_)

  28. Yesterday. Not viewing someones work but reading about the great art retreats she is attending.

  29. Jasmine says:

    I can sometimes have issues with jealousy when someone else sells a piece at a show and none of mine sell. Not all the time, but it has happened. Especially if I entered that show specifically because I think the type of people who attend are the type at like my work. I suppose the jealousy comes from feeling inadequate, or a bit of failure because I misread the target audience… jealousy stems from insecurity in my case.

  30. Emily says:

    If I’m honest with myself, I definitely felt a tinge of jealousy when I discovered that my friend got into a prestigious animation apprenticeship after only just finishing a one year course on it! I know that she got it based on her talent (her drawings and ideas are amazing), and eagerness to learn. To counter the feeling of jealousy, I guess I rationalized with myself that everyone has a talent in something, it’s just when and how we discover it and making full use of the opportunities that come our way to give bring it to it’s fullest potential! In addition to that, we must also be willing to take in criticism in order to improve.

  31. atarii says:

    I feel guilty when I feel jealous 🙁 and usually I feel jealous of things that people do that I could do easily if I were not hesitating to much or just plain lazy .. does that make any sense?

  32. kelsey o says:

    i am constantly feelin’ that pang, but this fellow always makes me feel jealous- but then i just get happy because his stuff is always so sweet

  33. haley says:

    psh, i could pretend that i get envious of other people on the rare occasion but honestly i’m jealous of crafters like white on rice!

    mostly just people with talents i don’t have or that i wish i had. this happens every time i ever look on etsy ever.

    …and don’t even get me started on blogland

    (this blog included!!!)

  34. uhlala says:

    oh i get jealous. especially cos im not an artist or anything like this.. i sometimes ‘create’ stuff but would never say its art and im an artist or whatever. and yes, i get jealous. maybe not about ppls talent but creativity/productivity… me, im just afraid that what i do isnt good. so i stop trying…

  35. char says:

    OK…I really don’t get jealous…because that’s such a nasty feeling and I have never felt it whilst looking at another Artists work…BUT I am constantly in AWE over how many unique and awesome styles of work there are out there…and can’t wait to have more time(because at the moment I think I am really pushing my limits) to create new, and wonderous things!

  36. Oh! I wish I’d known about this… all I write about is art that makes me jealous.

    ps. totally jealous of the beautiful illustration that you show on pikaland… keep up the good work!

  37. marije says:

    I got a little jealous when I just saw the beautiful portrait calender of Jenny of Be Happy Now. As I said in my comment on that giveaway, I even had lessons in portrait painting, but I don’t think I really have a talent for this.

  38. Annukka says:

    This blog awakens the beast in me often 🙂

  39. murti says:

    i always feel lyk wow i must also do good work

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