Giveaway #23: hellojenuine goodies!

Today we have goods to giveaway from the lovely Jen Collins’ (aka hellojenuine) newly opened shop up for grabs.

ONE lucky winner for this giveaway will receive a We Were a Kaleidoscope zine, a Nice Advice postcard set, plus a There’s No Place Like Home gocco print on colour (there’s only a limited edition of 12 available!).

And not only that, TWO runner up winners will each receive a There’s No Place Like Home gocco print on colour that’s worth USD$10 each. So there’s three packages to go around for this week!

Just comment by 3rd November and the lucky ‘uns will receive an email within a week after.

UPDATE: Commenting has now closed, thanks for participating!


111 thoughts on “Giveaway #23: hellojenuine goodies!

  1. Ok, my refraining from giveaway entering is on hold again this week. That postcard “If In doubt, Bake A Cake” it seems can only be won here, not purchased in the shop. And it’s my life philosophy! Not to mention having had my eye on those zines for a while (though I’d really like seven, one in each colour, so I can look at them all together like that!)

  2. i love love love love jen collins! great giveaway! her death cab inspired zine is my favorite and it comes in so many pretty colours 🙂 yay for awesome giveaways x

  3. Love these gocco prints! They are inspiring works of art! I totally want the Bake a Cake one!!! Great Giveaway – hope I win!

  4. I log off for a week (ok, more like two) and when I get back this wonderful illustrator is everywhere! All I can say is “how come only now?” Her work is wonderful, and cheery, and fierce. Love her portraits. Sounds like she never lets go of her pencil, finding an excuse to draw everything. It’s enough to make you envy of her imagination and enjoyment. I’m a little jealous myself, but more than that – she’s inspired me to get a move on and pick up my own pencil again! Thank you Jen and everyone who shone a spotlight on her and her optimism!

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